I Think We’re “All Alone Now” on Outcast

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On last week’s episode of Outcast Kyle was unable to bring his mother back to her pre-possession days; Chief Giles and Mark investigate a rash of animal sacrifices; and a new stranger arrives in town with ties to Hades. This week Kyle and Reverend Anderson are faced with an unusual possession.


The episode starts off innocently enough with two police officers, who are not only partners, but best friends, having a double date at the bowling alley. Luke and his wife Terry consider Blake family and are always matching him up with potential mates, because that’s what married people do. They just hate to see a friend enjoying their freedom. Blake is not himself. Maybe it’s the flu or maybe he’s not that impressed with his date, but since this is a show about demons; we’re already prepared for the action to begin and it doesn’t take long for the demon to take center ring at the circus.


We watch as Reverend Anderson and Kyle are driving to a state prison to visit Blake. Kyle is really not interested in fighting demons and he hates the smell of stale cigarettes. Yes, Reverend Anderson is a chain smoker, but when you make it your life’s calling to do battle with the hounds of hell, you may need that drink or smoke to calm your nerves. A blast of wind snatches the picture of the reverend’s son and it goes flying out the window. Kyle seems to be unconcerned as his friend searches high and low for this picture on the road. Pretty strange considering that Kyle is also prevented from seeing his kid and should have at least pretended to look for the damn picture. After they arrive at the prison, Luke meets them and takes them to see Blake.


Tonight’s episode pulled the rug from under us because the people who we assumed to be normal were not acting so normal in this episode starting with Megan getting all confused and upset when she saw a man that she knew. Who is this man and why would Megan break into his hotel room and go through his personal belongings? Whatever Donnie Hamel means to Megan, it mustn’t be pleasant because we see Megan whimpering while she’s inside the room. Luckily she’s gone by the time Donnie returns, but he knows someone has been in his room.


Also at the hotel is the stranger (Brent Spiner). He’s clean shaven and dressed in black (including the hat) and we know he’s getting ready to stir the pot. I was disappointed that we weren’t given a hint why Megan is so afraid of Donnie, but maybe it has something to do with that event when Kyle saved her life. I’m hoping the writers don’t keep us in the dark for too long.


While Megan is rooting through Donnie’s hotel room, Mark is investigating that trailer in the woods. Chief Giles seemed upset that Mark wanted to go back and check for fingerprints and I’m scratching my head asking why. Chief Giles saw the mutilated animals tacked up to the trees and he knows that a boy was recently unpossessed thanks to the Reverend and Kyle, right? Why would he question Mark’s wanting to check if it was only animals that were mutilated? Mark does find evidence hinting that people were also in that trailer, but when he returns to the police station, Chief Giles does a gaslight on us.


We find out that Blake killed Luke’s wife with his bare teeth; he tore her apart during his attempt to rape her. Why Luke has not put a bullet in this man’s brain is beyond me. We know that Blake is possessed and so does the Reverend, but Kyle was kind of a downer this week with his moaning about being there. Blake/demon picks up on this little disagreement and uses it to split up the friends… because that’s what demons do. They divide and conquer.

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Reverend Anderson was using the buddy system just like Jesus did with the apostles. Don’t swim alone and don’t fight devils by yourself. Blake tells Kyle that he is an outcast. Let’s review the description of an outcast. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, an outcast is a person who has no place in their society or in a particular group because society refuses to accept them. The demon inside of Blake did not recognize Kyle until Kyle touched Black.

Kyle is an outcast and you can bet that he was looked upon as a strange duck because of his mother’s abuse and subsequent mental breakdown. Yes, he was adopted, but we never hear anything about the adoptive parents and the only person that treats him as family is Megan. Forbidden to be with his wife and daughter = outcast, looked upon as an oddity or something strange by the townsfolk = outcast, not sure why the hell the demons seem to interfere with his living life as a hermit = outcast. But, Blake hinted at something more powerful, “Don’t hide your light under a bushel.” Is Blake powerful because GOD favors him?

No one likes a “Teacher’s Pet” and Blake uses this power that Kyle has to tease Reverend Anderson. “How come GOD gave Kyle the power and not you?” I’m betting Reverend Anderson is asking himself that very question.


Kyle is able to cast out demons, unfortunately it involves beating the crap out of the possessed person, but this time, Kyle fails. Are you surprised? The Church does not go into an exorcism lightly because the priests who are trained to fight demons know that this battle is just as dangerous as the ones fought on real battlefields. A human fighting a demon that is older than time itself is near impossible, so how do the humans win?


You didn’t ask for it, but you’re getting a lesson on demonology and exorcism. Demons are real and now that we’ve established this, the next question is, “How can we rid ourselves of entities that hate us because we have free will?” It’s not with the quick bible-thumping verse that is shown in the series, but a long drawn out procedure that includes ruling out any physical or mental causes. I’ve included this article to help you understand.


Kyle failed at exorcising Blake’s demon because he doesn’t understand that there are all kinds of demons out there and, he doesn’t trust his own powers yet. Reverend Anderson has the equipment and he has the spirit to take on any demon, but in doing so, Reverend Anderson has lost his family. Did Blake’s demon plant the seed of jealousy into the priest? That remains to be seen.

We are left to ponder many things about this episode like: Why is Chief Giles angry over Mark’s great detective work and well the forensic evidence be sent to the lab? Who is Donnie Hamel and why didn’t Megan tell her husband about him? If you’ve forgotten poor Luke, I haven’t. Luke had lost everything when Blake brutally murdered his wife, and yet, he wanted Blake cured. He tried to smother Blake, but Luke is a good man and didn’t complete the deed. The best tool of a demon is to destroy our faith, both in ourselves and in GOD. Our best defense is to keep the faith. Too bad it didn’t save Norville. See you next week, my little angels, and I do hope that Reverend Anderson finds that photo.



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