Marie Gilbert Reviews Orphan Black S04 E08: The Redesign of Natural Objects


On last week’s episode of “Orphan Black” Sarah finally put Beth to rest, Felix proved just how valuable he is and, Donnie got busted. This week, Alison’s loyalty to the Seestras is questioned and Siobhan deals out some Karma. Can Cosima and Susan find a cure? Will Donnie be modeling the latest prison garb? What does the swan say?


Before I do tonight’s review, I want to talk about my favorite character. Over and over during the last four seasons of “Orphan Black,” Felix Dawkins has proven to be the kind of sidekick that any woman would consider herself blessed to have by her side. The younger foster brother to Sarah Manning, Felix has been dragged into every imaginable situation one can expect when playing bodyguard to a gaggle of clones. He has been surprisingly patient as each new clone was introduced and, his escapades with Alison and Donnie are downright worthy of the “I Love Lucy” Award. But Felix has been placed in too many dangerous situations and we wonder when he’ll finally say, “Enough is enough.”


This season, Felix has searched for and found his biological half-sister, Adele. Even though his good news was not received as graciously as one would expect from Sarah, Felix still puts his life on the line for the seestras whenever they need him. Jordan Gavaris is a very talented young man who immediately became a hit with all the fans of “Orphan Black.” Gavaris plays his Felix as a flamboyant homosexual whose snappy comebacks and sarcastic observations, puts some lighthearted moments into a very serious subject matter. “Orphan Black” just wouldn’t work without Felix.

Jailhouse Rock

This is so wrong in so many ways and, orange is definitely not Donnie’s color. The one thing you don’t want to do in jail is pull any attention your way, but a fellow prisoner gets Donnie talking about his drug trafficking and that gets the attention of a very nasty inmate. This inmate works for Neolution and his job is to make Donnie’s life a living hell. Alison shows up for a visit with Felix and Adele. I am actually enjoying Adele now that we know she’s one of the good guys. Adele may be a drunk, but she’s also a lawyer. Her license has been suspended, but if she can get Donnie out of jail; it’s all good.


Duko is going to make sure that he uses Donnie as a bargaining chip to get Alison to rat out Sarah’s location. Gord Rand did a great job as the murderous Neolution hitman but can he get the clones to turn on each other?


In one of the more comical moments, Alison and Sarah Stubbs (Terra Hazelton) are in the church play where Alison plays Judas to Sarah’s Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar. Alison is given a choice.

Donnie ep 8

She either betrays Sarah or she betrays her husband. Duko planned the whole thing. Evie wants Sarah and the sisters dead, but can Alison really be a Judas to Sarah? Alison finally tells Duko where to find Sarah.

Conference Call

Mika is back in the picture and unfortunately, she is showing signs of the clone disease. After showing Cosima and Sarah the video of Evie threatening to wipe out the clones, she connects Rachel, Susan, Cosima and Sarah on a conference video. Can they work as a team to find the cure and defeat Evie?


Can we trust Rachel and what is going on with Rachel’s mechanical eye? What’s the story with her visions of the swan and, who is that man dressed as a doctor? I think Rachel’s mechanical eye is some type of two way mirror.


Duko was caught in his own trap. He never counted on Siobhan. After entering the Rabbit Hole, Duko is captured and tied up. It’s time for answers. He makes the call to the inmate and Donnie’s life is spared. What he reveals next is a bombshell. Evie intends to infect millions of people with the maggot bots.


Alison may be playing Judas in the musical, but she was able to protect both Sarah and Donnie from Duko. And while Siobhan blows a nice size hole in Duko’s chest, the show goes on. There are so many storylines to consider on this episode. What will happen to Donnie and Alison? Can Cosima whip up a miracle cure using Sarah’s eggs and Ira’s sperm? Where is Helena and, most importantly…who is the mystery man with the swan? See you next week, my little clone club. There are only two episodes left.

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