The Walking Dead S06 E11: Knots Untie


Okay, before we go any further, I just want you to know that I don’t care what happens this week because on last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” Rick and Michonne finally hooked up. Okay, maybe I do care about that Jesus guy walking in on Team Richonne. While the team deals with a bigger world, Maggie’s tomatoes need some help.

Wake Up Call

After the rude wake up of our warrior lovers, Jesus talks about a bigger world and about his town. He hints that the people of Hilltop not only have food and supplies, but they trade with others. Is this true? Team Rick jumps at the chance to barter. Now that their little lovefest is now out in the open, Rick needs to make sure Carl is alright with this.


Carl is becoming a man and he’s proven to be just as good a leader as his dad. Carl decides to skip the scouting trip and keep Alexandria safe. If anyone can keep the town safe, it’s this boy that we’ve watched grow up before us. And, who doesn’t love how protective Carl is with little Judith.


The delegation to Hilltop includes Jesus, Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Abe, Glenn and Maggie. I was surprised that Maggie was on the trip especially because our team had no guarantee that the people of Hilltop were friendly, but they have their own personal Jesus… someone to hear their prayers… who cares… love that song.


But what was going on inside Abe’s mind. Was it Sasha switching shifts with Eugene that threw our soldier off kilter? Maybe it was that necklace make from a piece of brake light that Rosita made for our favorite GI Joe that had our ginger hunk of man scratching his head. We weren’t sure what was on Abe’s mind until he asked Glenn about Bisquick and pancakes. The look on Glenn’s face was dead on funny… like did Abe really ask that question? And speaking about pouring bisquick, Abe is playing around with Sasha and Rosita. Michael Cudlitz is awesome in this episode. We forget how funny he can be.


No road trip ever goes smoothly on “The Walking Dead” and it isn’t long before they come upon an overturned vehicle which belongs to Jesus’s people. This stop proves beneficial to Maggie as one of the survivors that they save from the building is Dr. Harlan. Maggie now has her very own OB/GYN doctor and a supply of prenatal vitamins, but first they have to get past the gate. After their RV gets stuck in the mud, Team Rick looking like apostles following the messiah enters Hilltop.


After Jesus does his thing and convinces his friends to open the gate, we get to see the town which surrounds the Barrington House, a living history museum. This town might not be as big as Alexandria, but these people have it pulled together. Yeah, they have no bullets, but they have hand-forged spears, a blacksmith, chickens, and vegetables. They have medicine and an ultrasound. There are just two itsy bitsy problems…Gregory and Negan.


When Team Rick is introduced the cocky Gregory played so wickedly splendid by Xander Berkeley, he refuses to talk until they clean up. Rick, afraid that he’ll strangle his new neighbor, gives the job of negotiating to Maggie. At first, Gregory gets the upper hand on Natalie or Honey… yeah, the man is obnoxious and purposely calls Maggie by the wrong name and even hits on her. He wants them to work their farm in exchange for food and medicine.


Jesus knows that Team Rick will take what they need by force if they have to and that is when we realize that Jesus has more power than he lets on. Tom Payne plays his character as a smooth operator. His offer to smooth things over reveals his influence over Gregory. Rick is forced to kill one of the Hilltop people when Ethan stabs Gregory. Negan is holding Ethan’s brother hostage.


Rick has a reputation for making a bad first impression. Covered in Ethan’s blood, Rick learns that Negan beat a 16 year old boy to death and forcibly takes half of what the Hilltop people grow. Rick has seen his share of bad men. He wants to go after Negan, but it remains to be seen if Rick’s plan to hit Negan before Negan hits Alexandria is wise. Negan, according to the comics, is nastier than the Governor.

Abe’s near strangulation and survival may have given him a new outlook on life, or maybe it was the ultrasound photo of Maggie and Glenn’s baby that convinced him to start making his own pancakes. We’ll see who he decides to share his Bisquick with; Sasha or Rosita. It was nice to see our warriors get all soft and cuddly knowing there is a new life on the way.

Maggie proved to be a wonderful negotiator. I think Gregory won’t forget her name anytime soon. Maggie is carrying a child and that means she has to eat healthy. Team Rick will go after Negan and maybe they will help with the farming, but she wants half of the crop. Maggie reminds Gregory who really has the leverage in this bartering session. See you next week, my little walker snacks. I’m wondering how Morgan is going to handle this war with Negan. Carol is already baking the cookies.

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