The Flash S02 E14: Escape from Earth-2


Last week’s journey to Earth-Two began as a trip through the looking glass and quickly turned to nightmare for Team Flash. Now Harry, Cisco, and some unexpected allies must rescue Barry from Zoom. Meanwhile on Earth-One, how will Jay stop the Geomancer? Meet me after the extradimensional super speed jump for my thoughts on “Escape from Earth-2!”

Unlikely Allies

With Zoom on the hunt for Wells, Harry and Cisco ally themselves with the Earth-Two Barry and Iris. The plan is to find Killer Frost. Their thinking is that if this Caitlin cared about her Ronnie as much as ours did, she might not be so happy Zoom killed Deathstorm, and thus might help the good guys. It’s a hell of a chance, but they’re taking it.


Earth-Two Barry is a bit of a sniveling coward, which would go with the reversals we’ve seen in some of the doppelgängers, but I wonder if it’s not just a disguise. Our Barry has two identities, why wouldn’t theirs? I keep thinking about how Joe disliked him so much, and how he said he was so selfish. Is there something we’re missing here?

The Tapping Man

Barry and Jesse are trapped in cells in Zoom’s lair, with one other prisoner, a man in an iron mask who keeps tapping. Eventually Barry and Jesse break the code of the tapping and it turns out he’s trying to communicate one word to them – Jay. Is he looking for Jay? Is he Jay??

Could it be that this is really Jay and who we’ve been seeing as Jay is an agent of Zoom? What if the reason that Jay has been so powerless and ineffectual is because he’s not Jay at all, and he’s been a prisoner of Zoom this whole time? Could that bad haircut have something to do with it? Or might this other Jay and Zoom be one and the same?


Meanwhile on Earth-One, Geomancer continues to challenge the Flash, only this time, he’s targeting the ‘new’ Flash with the silver helmet. Caitlin has jumped up the Velocity-6 formula to a Velocity-9, which not only gives Jay longer speed but also starts to regenerate his damaged cells. We’re revved for a rematch between Jay and Geomancer, but we’re cheated out of it.


Geomancer collapses a building and we get to cheer as Jay-Flash saves folks from that, but the encounter we wanted never happens. Instead, Geomancer attacks S.T.A.R. Labs, and despite all the damage, it’s Caitlin that stops the villain with a convenient MacGuffin gun. Jay is sleeping conveniently off-screen.

Thawing Killer Frost

After a quick but cool shootout in the woods with Killer Frost, she joins up with our cross-Earth team in their assault on Zoom’s lair. Much like the brief battle with King Shark the journey up the cliff to the villain’s hideout also happens off-screen due to special effects budgets, still the verbal description makes up for it. The talking continues as Killer Frost is turned against Zoom.


But it’s unconvincing talk talk. I didn’t see why Barry needed his sniveling counterpart to encourage him to phase out of his prison. It seems far too easy. Killer Frost turns just as Cisco thought, and the good guys escape, not without loose ends however.

The final breach is closed, taking Jay, possibly killed by Zoom with it. Wells and daughter Jesse are now here on Earth-One, and Caitlin has lost another love. And what of the tapping man? Is he Jay? Wally? Someone else? This is far from over…

Next: The return of King Shark!

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