LEGO Marvel’s Avengers assembles an awesome game for MCU fans

I’m a sucker for the LEGO video games. They’re simply fantastic fun to play, even when they wind up being a little harder than you anticipate.


When the company first started making their licensed video games for various platforms, they were a little simpler, without the big name voices from the film’s they were parodying – their were no Harrison Ford’s or Johnny Depp’s in the LEGO Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean games. As the LEGO franchise has increased in popularity, the budgets have gone up, at the voice work has included (most of) the casts from films like The LEGO Movie, the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films, and the Jurassic Park films. In the fall of 2015, LEGO Dimensions brought together various franchises from across pop culture in a Skylanders/Disney Infinity type game that has been a huge success. However, missing from the line-up that includes Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, DC Comics, the Simpsons and even Doctor Who, were Disney’s Star Wars and Marvel characters. Not a huge surprise, mind you, since Disney Infinity has those moneymakers covered. Luckily, while SW and Marvel may not be in LEGO Dimensions, the LEGO/Warner/TT Games people still get to make standalone titles. We’ll see a Star Wars: The Force Awakens LEGO game later this summer’ in the meantime, LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is now in stores, continuing the fun we’ve all come to expect from these games.

Unlike the previous LEGO Marvel game, which featured a unique story, LEGO Marvel’s Adventures is an adaptation of the various films in the incredible Marvel Cinematic Universe, from the two recent Avengers films to highlights from the various Thor, Iron Man and Captain America films included as well. The game kicks off non-linearly, with the first battle scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron to play through, before hitting a “previously” note and taking us back to the beginning of the original film.

The majority of voices are including (minus Gwyneth Paltrow, most noticeably), and the lines are lifted directly from the film’s, so fans are walking into very familiar territory. While some LEGO fans long for the simpler days where characters spoke with a nod or shrug rather than voice, as someone who has always enjoyed playing through films, I all for including voice work, especially when it’s the familiar actors in their iconic roles.

The LEGO sense of humor is in full force throughout the game, which what one has also come to expect – these games, where you often partake in the simple joy of smashing brings, are made for levity, so that even when you’re taking an onslaught on enemy characters, you’re still having a reasonable amount of fun doing so. There are new combo moves between characters as well, which adds some new gameplay value as well. And, as with all the LEGO games, just because you finish a main story doesn’t there isn’t lots more to explore.

For Marvel zombies, it’s will likely be disappointing to note that the game is pretty much limited to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so don’t look for bonus levels with the X-Men or Fantastic Four, characters of which were included in the previous game. However, the season pass for the game promises new chapters and characters that tie-in with characters including Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Doctor Stange. And with Spider-Man now a part of the MCU, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him show up as well. With 200 characters promised, I can’t see anybody being bored.

Overall, there’s so much fun stuff to do in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers that you won’t really miss who isn’t there, and rather just enjoy being the MCU, kicking the bad guys’ butts.

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