Satan’s Hollow: An All New Terrifying Tale From Zenescope Entertainment!


When I was a co-host of The All Things Fun! New Comics Vidcast, we talked about Zenescope Entertainment and their unique and fantastic line of comics often. I’m happy to announce a new series from Zenescope coming soon – Satan’s Hollow. Meet me after the jump for more details.

HORSHAM, PENNSYLVANIA—This March, Zenescope Entertainment brings you a brand new horror series that explores the decades old urban myth of Satan’s Hollow, a place that some say is a direct path to the underworld. And, twenty years later, the legend continues with a survivor’s return to the hellish town, albeit with an immensely evil companion…


Writer Joe Brusha (Realm War, Aliens Vs. Zombies) and interior artist Allan Otero (Salem’s Daughter: The Haunting) combine their talents to make up Satan’s Hollow’s creative team, with covers by: Caio Cacau, Abhiskeh Malsuni, and Pasquale Qualano.



Local comic shops are ordering Satan’s Hollow until February 29th, 2016, so those interested in reserving a copy should contact their local comic shop with the following Diamond Order codes: JAN161847, JAN161848, JAN161849, JAN161850.

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