Galavant – Love and Death; Do the D’DEW

On last week’s episodes of Galavant, Isabella learns of Wormwood’s treachery, and nixes her wedding as she regains her senses. Madalena gives Gareth a peck on the cheek while Galavant gets stabbed by his squire Sid. How did the characters fare this week?


Wounded Galavant is brought to healer Neo of Sporin (pun intended) by his friends for treatment. By the time Neo finishes his song about time being of the essence, it appears time has run out for our hero.


As Wormwood, Madalena, and Gareth discuss war, the king assures the queen that Princess Isabella will be taken alive so that she can take pleasure in killing her. In her excitement, Madalena exclaims that she loves Gareth, but as Wormwood turns from battle plans to wedding plans, the queen hurries from the room.

Neo’s tricks have failed Galavant, and the knight lies still in death. The healer has one idea left, a potion consisting of a rare ingredient, the gray beard hair of a middle aged man untouched by a woman. A unicorn appears at the window, the magical creature attracted to virgins. Try as he may to ignore the beast, King Richard has a hair plucked from his beard.

Things are getting even more complicated for Princess Isabella. Not only does she receive a save the date notice for war from Valencia, but she becomes the reluctant person in charge of the conflict.

Gareth again brings up the subject of marriage to Madalena, which she avoids. As Gareth bends down to fix his boot, the bewildered queen kicks him in the face, and Gareth chases after her, swearing he was not about to propose.

Before Neo’s last concoction has an effect on Galavant, we see him meet death after his passing. All his friends are with him, and Gal sees his beloved Isabella. He learns about the war soon to be waged, and he vows to fight for her. It’s his love for her that allows him to cheat death and return to the living.

Roberta and Richard have a touching moment over Galavant’s dead body. She recites a few lines from the Julia Roberts/Hugh Grant film Notting Hill, but our hero interrupts the mood by jumping awake just as the pair were to share their first kiss.

Love is still in the air as Gareth publicly declares his love for the queen before the troops. He believes they have something special and agrees to take things slow in order to keep Madalena comfortable with the situation.

As Princess Isabella inspects her armory, she discovers it is well stocked with toys. Hortensia is equipped with stick horses and chocolate axes, courtesy of their boy Harry.

Back at Neo’s, Galavant has returned to life with a renewed mission, not only to rescue Isabella, but to help her fight Valencia. Still desperate for an army, Gal accepts Neo’s zombie warriors, but learns they may be more trouble than they’re worth.

As the shuffling horde follow Galavant to sneak up on Valencia’s castle, Roberta takes the initiative and kisses Richard, dragging him away from Sid’s sight.

Fearing defeat by Valencia’s army, Isabella approaches Gareth and Madalena, offering surrender. The queen details her outrageous terms, including Isabella becoming her new hand maiden, polishing her crown among her duties.

Through song the ladies declare their hatred for each other, and Isabella will not cave to the queen’s demands. She informs her that she has the sword of the one true king, which worries Madalena. She knows that the prophecy says the one true king will unite the kingdoms. Wormwood confesses that he is a master of the dark arts, better known as the dark, dark, evil ways, or D’DEW, and offers to use these skills against Hortensia. Gareth tells the queen that his army can defeat their enemy without employing magic. Madalena agrees, but covertly tells Wormwood she will get back to him later on the matter.

Galavant and his group reach an abandoned Valencia. Through a comical homage to Grease’s “Summer Nights,” Roberta and Richard describe the new status of our relationship. Let’s just say we’ve seen the last of the unicorn when it comes to Richard.


Madalena sees Wormwood without Gareth’s knowledge, and à la Faust, signs her immortal soul over to the wedding planner in exchange for D’DEW. Madalena wants to do the D’DEW, a play on the Mountain Dew commercial.

As Galavant fears he won’t be able to help his beloved Isabella, he realizes that it was his love for her that made him come back from the dead. With a rallying cry for love, the knight realizes his virtually useless zombie army becomes more responsive and more inclined to fight for their leader.

Galavant needs Sid’s assistance getting suited for battle, but his faithful squire left their group. Sid’s note reveals his shame for the injury inflicted on our hero which almost killed him. He left Gal to redeem himself.

King Richard is prepared to fight alongside his bestie Galavant. Roberta confesses that she cannot go into battle with the king, as she knows he will only get himself killed, and she cannot bear to witness his demise. Richard tells her he cannot forsake his best friend, and the lovers part ways. He joins the rest of Gal’s army and they ride to find Isabella.

There’s just one week left in the short season. Who will win the war? Will love conquer all? I can’t wait to find out what’s next in store for our medieval misfits.

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