Marie Gilbert Interviews Stella Maeve of “The Magicians”


There is a new Showcase fantasy series premiering on January 25 on Syfy and it’s all about magic. Based on the Lev Grossman novel, “The Magicians” will star Jason Ralph as Quentin Coldwater who enrolls at Brakebills College to be trained as a magician. Stella Maeve will be playing the part of Julia Wicker, Quentin’s childhood friend.

Stella Maeve is a presence on films and television and has had a recurring role on the NBC series, “Chicago PD,” on the CBS series “Golden Boy,” and as the lead in the CW pilot “Norfolk” (formally known as Company Town). Stella Maeve has starred in Dark Summer with Keir Gilchrist, All Together Now, and in the Award winning film, Starlet. Stella also co-starred in The Runaways with Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart. I was fortunate enough to chat with Stella Maeve about the show. What is it like to live in a magical world? Find out after the jump.

Gilbert: “Hi Stella. I’m so excited to interview you especially after watching the first two episodes of the show. With the success of the Harry Potter films do you feel that television viewers are ready for a show about magic?”


Stella Maeve: “I think they will be and they’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

Gilbert: “What type of magic are we in for?”

Stella Maeve: “We are in all sorts of different types of magic and some really cool special effects. We’re in for this thing called finger tutting which is like a dance and a movement with your fingers that is choreographed.”

Gilbert: “Will this show be darker than Harry Potter?”

Stella Maeve: “Yes, well the books are darker and, the show will be darker and much more realistic. I like to refer to it as Harry Potter and Narnia meets a Bret Easton Ellis novel; the writer of Less Than Zero  and American Psycho. It’s comparable to that, mixed with the magical world and magical aspects.”

Gilbert: “Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph) isn’t your normal protagonist. He’s very insecure and not what I expected, which I kind of enjoy. How would you describe your character, Julia Wicker?”


Stella Maeve: “I don’t think any of these characters are like the ‘norm’ and that’s why I think that it’s so cool. The way they were written and the way they are in the show is so different than what your heroes are typically like on television, or in writing, which I think is cool. Julia is great and super intense, passionate and…”

Gilbert: “Julia appears more secure and sure of herself than Quentin does.”

Stella Maeve: “I think she is in the beginning, and then, everything that she thought she knew, she finds out she’s wrong. I think it’s then that she completely calls herself into question and becomes obsessed with magic. It’s all about her journey and figuring it out.

This girl, who had it all together and figured out, is an intellectual, super smart, passionate and, comes from this wealthy home, then boom! Everything that she knew; she doesn’t, and now it’s about reinventing herself and figuring out who she is and why she wants to possess these magical abilities.”

Gilbert: “What type of powers will we see your character developing as the season progresses?”

Stella Maeve: “You do see her grow as a magician. You get to see her become more powerful as the series progresses, but that’s all I’m allowed to say.”

Gilbert: I know you can only reveal so much, but will you be playing more of the part of a good magician, or one from the dark side?”

Stella Maeve: “You see, with this show, luckily there is no good or bad. It’s all relative and that’s why it’s great because there is no evil vs. good. There are some dark characters and there is some evil, but as far as the magic is concerned, it’s about learning magic and mastering it…and using it for good, I would hope.”

Gilbert: “How did you prepare for the role? Did you have to take up magic lessons?”

Stella Maeve: “It was great. They supplied us with a few magicians who came and showed us some tricks and, also a great choreographer, a guy named Kevin, who showed us how to work our finger motions the way that Lev Grossman wrote in the novels; they are precise finger movements.”

Gilbert: “If you could do magic, what gift would you want?”

Stella Maeve: “Umm.”

Gilbert: “I know. It’s a tricky question.”

Stella Maeve: “It is… there are so many answers to this, like time travel, but maybe it would be cool to use happiness. It would be cool to make everything great and happy and sunny and warm, all the time. That would be a cool power.”

Gilbert: “Yep. Now my next question concerns you and Quentin. Are you just friends, or is there more behind that story?”

Stella Maeve: “I can’t tell… I’ll never tell.”

Gilbert: “Oops!” We’re both laughing, now.

Stella Maeve: “For season one I can assure you that they are just friends, but there’s a deep profound love between them that they’ve had since they were kids. And, I don’t know what Sera and John have planned for the future. I have no idea.”

Gilbert: “What are your hopes for the show? Where do you see this show going?”

Stella Maeve: “I have no idea where this show is going to go. I have no idea what it’s going to become. You sign on for something and become part of this thing and essentially you never know what it’s going to be, but I do hope that people will watch this show, enjoy it and have fun with it.


We touch on a lot of real life things that happen as far as religion, things that go on with women and abuse. A ton of things are questioned and brought to the surface. It’s awesome and it can be groundbreaking for television if done correctly and I only hope that we executed it as best as we could and beautifully. I hope people will watch the show and are able to relate or escape and, have a good time.”

Gilbert: “I really enjoyed the two episodes and, I really enjoyed chatting with you. I will definitely be promoting the show on Biff Bam Pop!.

Stella Maeve: “Thank you. I’m glad that you enjoyed it.


I did see the first two episodes of “The Magicians” and I absolutely loved it. I was quite impressed with Stella Maeve’s part. Do yourself a big favor and watch the show on Monday, January 25 at 9 PM EST. It’s magical!

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