Galavant – A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear; World’s Best Kiss

Last year’s medieval musical comedy Galavant is back for another season. This will be another short run for the quirky show with two half-hour episodes airing each Sunday for five weeks. How do the plot lines continue? What new guests make an appearance?


The opening of Galavant finds Galavant and King Richard on a pirate ship heading to Valencia. Gal’s mission is to rescue his true love Isabella from marrying her 11 year old cousin Harry, while Richard intends to regain his throne and kingdom. The first song is the best, even poking fun of the show’s renewal by singing that hell will freeze over if they get decent ratings. There’s a lot of humor to be heard, so don’t miss it. It seems the second season came as a surprise to many involved in the production.


Meanwhile, Isabella is still being held captive by her parents. They are insisting that she give up on Galavant, and resign herself to marrying young Harry. Isabella doesn’t understand how her folks cannot understand what a gross idea the marriage is.

Gal and Richard reach land, but the king is mistaken on the destination. They find The Enchanted Forest, which Richard’s father warned him to avoid at all costs. It seems the king’s Uncle Keith went into The Enchanted Forest and was never seen again. The pair discover that The Enchanted Forest is a pub, but not just any pub. As the men walked into the bar, I expected to hear the music from The Blue Oyster Bar from Police Academy. Kylie Minogue sings a song about wanting to keep Galavant behind the bar. The enemies turned frenemies find themselves captive in The Enchanted Forest. King Richard locates his Uncle Keith, who reveals that he always belonged in the pub and has no intentions to leave now that he has found his Destiny, Destiny being a young man. He helps the pair escape through the ladies’ room that wasn’t completed during the pub’s construction, as it was never going to be used.


Back at the kingdom, Gareth is unhappy with his lack of decent title. He enlists the help of Sid to determine whether Queen Madalena has control over him according to the charter. The official decree is that Gareth should be named the new king, and Madalena reluctantly concedes. All is not well with the royal couple, as Gareth attempts to decorate the castle with items that do not meet the queen’s approval. They agree to disagree with each other on just about everything, but they share mutual annoyance with Sid.

Isabella begs Chef to help her escape and foil her parents’ marriage plans. Chef tells her that the guards order room service often, and he should be able to procure a key from them. She gives Chef her amulet to give to her parents so they have something to remember her by.

The second half hour starts with a song about Isabella and Galavant’s only kiss. Gal worries that it may not have been enough to keep the two of them together. Richard and Gal’s journey is delayed because the king’s boots are in need of repair. While waiting, the king suggests they meet with a fortune teller, Edwin the Magnificent. The men learn that he has a way of communicating with people in other realms. King Richard speaks with Chef through Isabella’s amulet, and is devastated to learn of Gareth’s betrayal. His best friend has taken his throne. Gal speaks with Chef, but there is a massive breakdown in communication. The lines are crossed, the messages fractured, and Isabella believes Gal does not love her, and will not rescue her. She is heartbroken and drops the bauble, which shatters. Instead of continuing her escape, the lovesick Isabella returns to her chamber.

Galavant and King Richard reach what the king again believes is their correct destination. However, the castle the king remembers is gone. The camera pans out, showing the remaining outline of the structure. Richard remarks that the missing building is not a good thing, and the second episode ends.

The second season reminds me of a road trip movie. Both Galavant and King Richard are traveling to the same destination, but for different reasons. The unlikely duo form a relationship of sorts. The king desperately wants to have friends, and he treats Gal like a buddy, whether he likes it or not.

I’m interested in the Galavant-Isabella plot line. Surely she doesn’t believe her love called her a fat cow. I would like to see what King Richard does about Gareth and Madalena if he can ever find his castle.

One welcome change over the last season was with the commercials. Last year they were also sung along with the program, which became somewhat irritating. Viewers not thrilled with all the singing in the show may find this overkill.

This week leaves the audience wondering if King Richard will find his kingdom, and regain his throne from his former best friend Gareth. Will our hero and Isabella realize their conversation was one misunderstanding? Tune in next week to see what happens.

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  1. Did you notice the plaque on the stump where Richard got his sword? “To be removed by the one true king”. That should come back around at some point. 🙂

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