Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Gift Cards & Certificates

Gift certificateSo. I know that there is more than one of you out there in this very predicament:

It’s the eve of the holiday season and you’re out of gift ideas and, more importantly, you’re out of time. Not so, my friend. Not so. There are still plenty of items that you can easily pick up before you head out to your Mom and Dad’s, your in-laws, or your cousin’s best friend’s roommate’s house later this evening or tomorrow for the annual holiday festivities.

The items in the list to follow won’t make you look like you just slapped something together in haste or re-gifted auntie’s old gloves given to you with much love last year.

It’s not too late. You are not alone. Take a deep breath. Get your bearings. And follow me after the jump for some great (and quick) gift ideas!

Let’s face it. If you don’t know what to get a friend or loved one or don’t have the time to think about it any more, today is all about the gift card and gift certificate. From the general to the more specific, there’s a gift card or certificate for everyone on this planet. Here are some of them:


For the comic book lover

Grab a gift card or certificate at the local comic book shop. Chances are, the person you’re giving it to will be there on Boxing Day, so they’ll be able to quickly spend it on what they want – and the value of your gift will be worth more because of the inherent seasonal sales! You can even direct the receiver of your thoughtful gift to this website and December’s daily Gift Guide entries. They’ll be specifically interested in the Biff Bam Pop Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Comic Book Collections Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


For the shopper

Eaton Centre MallVisit your local mall and head straight over to the Information Desk. Available in multiple denominations like $20, $50, $100, or even higher (if you should so desire) they should have gift cards available there that can be used at any store inside that particular mall. It’s better than grabbing one from a particular store – as the recipient will now have dozens of choices to use your very thoughtful and valuable gift!


For the digital film, television, book or music lover

There’s nothing wrong with ingesting all of your film, television, fiction or music online – in fact, it’s practically the way to go these days. Precious few of us still search out hardcopy formats. So, something like an iTunes or Android gift card makes sense and they’re easily found at the checkout lines of the department and pharmacy stores you’re sure to be at today.

Of course, if the person receiving this gift isn’t into the digital medium, a gift card or certificate at a local bookstore, music shop or movie theatre works just as well!


For the loved one who also loves food (and you)

DinnerOne word: dinner. Nothing says I care about you more than cooking someone you love dinner. Now, you’ll need a card of some sort, as the thought still needs to be presented to the object of your affections, but offer the gift of dinner sometime in the near future. During the next week or two, visit food sites like Epicurious, AllRecipes, or the FoodNetwork for great food ideas. Will it be fish, chicken, pasta or beef? (Let me recommend the stuffed Cornish Hen!)


The I.O.U.

IOUYou’re at a loss for ideas. Own it. At least writing up some sort of witty or funny card with the letter I-O-U on them takes some modicum of thought. And at least you could say that you didn’t want to just go out and gift your friend any old thing. The I.O.U., at least, shows you care!



Well, that’s it for this year! Happy shopping and happy gift-giving! All of us here at Biff Bam Pop! wish you a great holiday season with all of your loved ones and a fantastic new year of pop culture to come! See you soon!


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