The Expanse S01 E03: Remember The Cant


On last week’s episode of The Expanse, Holden (Steven Strait) and his group were captured by the Martian Navy and, Miller learned that the missing Julie Mao was a passenger on the Scopuli, but everyone might be in jeopardy with Chrisjen’s political games. Time to meet the Martians!


Miller and the rest of the residents on Ceres hear Holden’s message loud and clear, but Holden’s blaming the destruction of the Canterbury on the Martian Navy has some negative results. The Belters are upset because the Canterbury was bringing back needed water and now it’s gone. Miller is wondering why he’s been taken off the case to find Julie Mao by his superior officer. He has a bigger problem on his hand when OPA (Outer Planets Alliance) sympathizers begin to incite a rebellion against their overlords. They use the destruction of the Canterbury as their battle cry, “Remember the Cant.”


We do get to see why Havelock befriended Gia (Sara Mitch) and it wasn’t so much for hanky panky. Havelock is from Earth, but he truly wants to learn the language spoken on Ceres. I like Miller’s sidekick, but alas for the series, Havelock’s luck has run out.


Holden and the remaining crew from the Canterbury are held captive aboard the Martian Flagship, Donnager where they are individually interrogated by a very scary Martian soldier. Why is this man popping pills before he questions his prisoners? When Holden is told that Naomi is working for the OPA, he believes it and so does Alex. I was a bit surprised to see how fast the crew turned on each other. They all have secrets, but didn’t they work closely together on the Canterbury, so why believe their captors so quickly?


I was surprised to see Alex in a Martian military uniform, but he was a former soldier in the fleet until he retired for the life of adventure working on a mining ship. I find that hard to believe. Where Holden’s team quickly turn against each other, the Martian soldiers work together as a team. Think Marines.


Chrisjen likes to win. She is so positive that Mars is involved with the OPA that she tricks and old friend and Martian Diplomat, Frank Degraaf (Kenneth Walsh) into tricking the Martians into releasing confidential information.


I’m not sure what Chrisjen’s ultimate motives are. She already knew that Mars was not responsible for destroying the Canterbury. But if Mars didn’t destroy the freighter, who did? Like I mentioned above, Chrisjen likes to win and she did get what she wanted, but it came at a price. Frank will never trust her again. Chrisjen’s use of his friendship lost him his job and he is forever banned from a planet that he loves. Ambassador Degraaf claims that Mars was a nice planet to live on. I hope we get to see it for ourselves.


Miller and the other members of the Star Helix have to declare a curfew to get the rioters under control. These Belters are upset with the status quo and the lack of necessities to survive, especially the lack of clean water. Miller does find the mysterious Anderson Dawes (Jared Harris). Is he the leader of the OPA? Will he help Miller find the location of Julie Mao?

While Captain Yao (Jean Yoon) tries to get Holden to blame the Canterbury on Naomi, an unknown ship heads their way and refuses to reply to their communications. A character that I liked, and one who had potential as Miller’s sidekick, is dead. Havelock was trying to find Gia but he was murdered by the OPA.


I like the show, but so far, it’s no Firefly. If this series is going to make it to a second season, it has to give us characters that we care about. Havelock played briefly by Jay Hernandez, was that kind of character, but now he’s dead. Aside from meeting some important members of the Donnager, we are left with a bigger mystery with no clues in sight. I want to know who owns the ship that is heading towards the Donnager and I want to know if Naomi is a secret agent? I’m hoping episode four gives us the answer.


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