The Official Popshifter Podcast Episode 05, plus David Bowie and… Wrestling?


Biff Bam Pop! presents The Official Popshifter Podcast, featuring Popshifter Managing Editor Less Lee Moore and Featured Contributor Jeffery X Martin.

In their fifth episode, X interviews horror writer Thomas S. Flowers III on the date of the release of his second novel, Dwelling. They discuss the nature of evil, the curious decisions of book marketing, and why no one needs sweaters in Houston, Texas. You can check it out here.

Check out Episode #05 of The Official Popshifter Podcast right here.


But wait, there’s more! David Bowie fans can enjoy Popshifter’s Special Podcast, Bowie Covers (And Super Creeps).

Less Lee Moore and Jeffery X Martin examine the wide variety of cover versions of the songs of David Bowie, focusing on Cleopatra Records’ release A Salute to the Thin White Duke, the female-fronted Spiders from Venus album, and others. The show concludes with a discussion of Bowie’s single/video release, “Blackstar.”

You can check it out here.


Still not enough podcasts for you? Wrestling fans, take note. Jeffery X Martin throws another contender into the ring with The Intercontinental Title Podcast on Popshifter, which covers the WWE, both presently and historically. In Episode #01, Jeffery X Martin and Paul Casey also take a look at the larger questions involved with the business, such as how it impacts popular culture.

You can check out Episode #01 here.

In Episode #02, Paul and X give their predictions for TLC 2015 and discuss the shining glory that is Jesse Ventura.

Check it out here.

Popshifter is shifting the tone of pop culture criticism and can be found on Twitter and Facebook, as well as their own website.


About Leslie Hatton

Leslie Hatton is a Fannibal, an animal lover, a music maven, and a horror movie junkie. She created and managed Popshifter from 2007 - 2017, and also contributes to Diabolique Magazine, Everything Is Scary, Modern Horrors, Rue Morgue, Vague Visages, and more.

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