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In last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” we met a swamp walker. It was special effects supervisor and co-executive producer Greg Nicotero’s tribute to artist Bernie Wrightston, the co-creator of Swamp Thing. While cupid shot his arrows into Abe and Miss Sasha, our little stud muffin, Daryl, lost his bike and crossbow. The stranger who took Daryl’s prized possessions was Dwight. It was a wild episode and we were left with so many questions. Why is the wall in Alexandria bleeding? Who was calling out for help on the walkie? Will Morgan the Zen master get an ultimatum from Rick? Hopefully, all three questions will be answered.


I don’t give a hell what else happens in this episode because Glenn is alive! He did what everyone hoped he did. He slid under the damn dumpster! Alleluia! And according to executive producer, Gale Anne Hurd, it was really hard to keep that secret. Everyone on the show has to sign a contract to keep their mouths shut.


On tonight’s episode, Glenn is not alone, Enid is there, but she takes off when Glenn asks about Maggie. What is it with Enid? Why is she so antisocial? Our celebration is turned into a nail biter when Glenn decides to chase after our obnoxious teenager.

Enid, who is definitely suffering from a form of PTSD, refuses to return to Alexandria, but Glenn is nothing if not persistent. On the way back to Alexandria, Glenn and Enid find green balloons, a helium tank and a shocker when they reach the gates; a welcoming committee of walkers.


I have a lot of respect for our Zen master. He has found an ideology that is keeping him sane. It is the aikido way of life; defend yourself without doing harm to your attacker. Eastman told Morgan that all life was precious. These four little words may have put Morgan in trouble with Rick. The Supreme Court of Alexandria: Rick, Carol and Michonne, question Morgan about his ability to fight if the time comes around for him to step up to the plate. Can Morgan make it without getting blood on his hands?


If you’re not familiar with aikido, you might take lightly, Morgan’s resolve to not take a life. I have grandsons who are very involved with the martial arts. I’ve spoken of them before. The eldest, Jimmy, with his Muay Thai and the youngest with his parkour and Muay Thai, but tonight, Joshua, the middle brother, took and passed his test for the Aikido Black Belt.

Josh lives and breathes aikido and its ideology that he practices at the Aikido Agatsu Dojos. Tonight, before watching this episode, I watched my grandson fight off ten experienced instructors. They kept coming at him and he never gave up. He used graceful, almost dance-like movements to flip, throw, defer and trap his opponents. Josh is now a Shodan and, he now gets to wear a hakama.


I completely understand where Morgan is coming from, but Morgan is holding a secret that could get him thrown out of town, or worse. He asks for Nurse Denise to help, but nothing gets past Carol. She follows them after dropping off baby Judith to Jessie.


He’s been the leader of his ragtag group for so long that Rick doesn’t remember how a democracy works. Michonne tries to remind him. If Rick is going to unite the people of Alexandria with Team Rick, he has to have a plan. Everyone needs a plan. Rick’s first plan is to brace up the walls surrounding Alexandria.

Rick in Heads Up

Deanna has plans for the town’s future which she shares with Michonne. Father Gabriel has plans for the town. He’s starting prayer meetings and, Rosita has her boot camp up and running. She wants to get the townsfolk walker-ready, but Eugene backs out. Spencer has a plan too. He almost gets himself and Tara killed, but at least he tried to do something. The town needs to round up the herd and get those little walkers moving.


You can’t expect every kid to react normally to the end of civilization. Maybe, he and his family were blinded to the events outside the wall. It’s easy to make believe a wall can keep you safe. But Ron’s life was turned upside down by the arrival of Team Rick.

E7 Heads Up

Ron and Sam’s father was a cruel man who battered his mother and them, but Rick’s killing Pete was not acceptable to Ron. I never trusted Ron and I couldn’t understand why Rick was so quick to teach Ron how to shoot. Ron isn’t the only son of Jessie’s that we need to worry about. Sam was asking Carol some pretty strange questions when she dropped Judith off to his mother. I thought we were safe when Rick refused to give Ron the bullets for his gun.


Glenn is alive, Morgan trusts Denise with a major secret, Rick and Tobin fix the walls, everyone in Alexandria is trying to make things work, except for Ron. This kid, as I guessed all along, is out for revenge. He’s nothing but trouble, and now, he’s hunting for Carl.


We don’t know why the wall is bleeding, but Glenn is alive. I need to keep saying this because for now he is. Steven Yeun played his Glenn as the common man who is a superhero. He doesn’t need a cape. He doesn’t need to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Glenn is like most of us who go through life unnoticed and unappreciated. Glenn does the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. He went after Enid because she is a child, obnoxious, but still a child.


When Maggie sees the green balloons floating in the air, she knows; she just knows that it’s Glenn. When those green balloons went past, I experienced the joy that Maggie felt. Miracles were possible. Enid wanted to know if we should try to keep the world alive. Glenn says yes. Then the watch tower topples over and breaches the wall. Enter the walkers!

Next week is the mid-season finale and we are left with so many questions. Will Glenn and Enid survive? Will the residents of Alexandria? Carl? We are left with so many questions, but I don’t care because Glenn is alive.

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