American Horror Story Hotel S05 E07: Flicker


Rock-a-bye beastie! This season of “American Horror Story” is crazier than ever. On last week’s episode we were shown the connection between Murder House and Hotel with the birth of baby Bartholomew. Holy fangs! This kid has a face that only a mother could love. Lady Gaga was at her best last week as the countess who hates to share. There’s some construction going on over at Hotel Hell. Will the construction workers find another secret room? Will they live to tell about it?

Silent Screens and Shabby Chic

While Mr. Drake explains to his son that his taste in men has been derailed by his love for the countess, his laborers have discovered a hidden passage behind one of the walls. It’s surprising what you can find in old buildings.


I’ve never heard of this, but apparently Iris and the countess have; anal bleaching? This show is a fountain of useful information if you’re into weird. Bleaching where the sun doesn’t shine isn’t safe, but that’s what Iris and the countess are chatting about when they find the bodies of the two workers, the countess is frightened. She is never frightened so I know this episode is going to be good. Who are the two blood suckers that are feeding on workers and guests, alike and, why were they sealed behind a brick wall?

We learn through a series of flashbacks that the countess was an actress who fell head over heels in love with the famous Valentino. For you youngsters out there who don’t know who Rudolph Valentino was, let’s just say that he was the original stud muffin. It was good to see Finn Wittrock in this episode so soon after his death on Room 33.


Elizabeth, before she was a countess, was invited to Valentino’s home for a little small talk and some Tango. I have to say that Finn as Valentino and Lady Gaga should seriously consider trying out for a spot on “Dancing with the Stars.” The mood is set for romance, but there’s one little problem, Valentino’s wife, Natacha shows up. Elizabeth is happy being part of a threesome until Valentino dies. Devastated, she agrees to marry Mr. March.


We watch John Lowe being evaluated by doctors. What’s he doing at the health center? We get a flashback of him having a fight with his partner, but that’s not why he agrees to be admitted. John is convinced that the Ten Commandments Killer is being held at the center. Wes Bentley has played his John as a cop who lost his way after his son’s abduction, but tonight, John is determined to capture the killer. When he knocks out the guard and steals the key, the person he finds in the room is not what he expects.


Who is Wren? How does she know the killer? She claims to be a willing participant in the killings, but she’s hit by a truck before John learns the killer’s name. Was Wren one of the vampire children? I guess we have to wait until next week to find out. I’m not liking the John character that much. Nothing he does makes any sense.


There were so many storylines and flashbacks going on in tonight’s episode. But, in the end, we learn a secret that might reveal how the countess became infected. What I really enjoyed about this episode is that real names of real people were used. Rudolph Valentino was real. He was a star of the silent screen and, when The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse was released in 1921, he had made a name for himself.

By the time The Sheik came out in 1921, Valentino was considered a big romantic lead actor. He was a handsome man who played the field, marrying Natacha while still married to his first wife. There were also reports of Valentino being gay; his beauty attracting male and female, alike.


Remember those two blood suckers holed up in the wall? It was Valentino and Natacha. It seems that Valentino was infected by F. W. Murnau, a director who became infected during the filming of the 1922 vampire film, Nosferatu. Again, real people and real films being mentioned in the episode. Was Valentino the one who infected Elizabeth? And, how did they wind up behind a wall?

Evan Peters has been outstanding as the murderous Mr. March this season. He plays a maniacal killer who built a palace for his queen. Mr. March loved the countess, but her heart belonged to someone else. When Elizabeth learned that Valentino and Natacha were still alive, March made sure that his queen would not run away.


So many questions were answered tonight, but I’m wondering how March will handle Elizabeth’s upcoming marriage to Drake. We also have a clue about baby Bartholomew. Was Valentino the father? It would explain the child’s hunger for blood. It would explain a lot of things. Meet me next week to see if John will finally learn the identity of the Ten Commandments Killer?

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