American Horror Story, Hotel S05 E05: Room Service


On last week’s episode of American Horror Story, we were invited to a dinner party that left me looking for the nearest exit. While Mr. March entertained a room full of dead serial killers (the best kind), Alex decides to join Team Countess. I’m wondering if being a blood sucker will interfere with Alex’s day job.


I find myself still trying to recover from the choice of serial killers for March’s dinner party. I think it was way too soon to use Dahmer or Gacy as part of the guest list, especially since they both died not that long ago in 1994. What about the families of their victims? Just saying! On tonight’s episode Alex is realizing the side effects of becoming one of the Countess’s blood suckers. Luckily, Alex works in a hospital where the blood blank is always open and there are no late fees.


Do no harm! Alex seems to forget that part of her oath when she gives little Max some of her blood to keep him alive. It works, the boy is cured and right after he’s sent home, he drinks mom and dad dry. I was surprised that Madchen Amick didn’t last long on this series. Does Alex realize what she’s started? Does little Max understand what has happened to him? We watch as the boy infects all the students in his class. When the Swat team arrives, they think the children are the victims and send them home.


Donavan thought he was doing Iris a favor after she died on episode 3, but his turning her hasn’t made Iris happy. Who wants to be old and dumpy for eternity? Who wants to be stuck at the Cortez for eternity? But, Iris has no choice. Donavan’s and Ramona Royale’s plans to destroy the countess dictate that Iris returns to her sucky job. There is one itty bitty problem. Iris has to hope that the countess doesn’t see her. The countess doesn’t like her toys to sire others. Surprisingly, the countess and Tristan don’t pick up on the change in Iris, although Tristan says she smells different.


While little Max is spreading the virus at the school Halloween party, Iris finally finds her voice. Kathy Bates was fantastic in tonight’s episode. This amazing actress has a gift that makes the viewers care for her characters even when they’re not nice people. For me, Kathy Bates ruled in American Horror Story: Coven with her portrayal of the evil Marie Delphine LaLaurie, a raciest serial killer. We overlooked the evilness of her character because Kathy Bates was freaking funny.

Liz Taylor

Tonight’s episode gave us a chance to learn about Denis O’Hare’s character. I’d assumed that Liz was one of the dead that were trapped inside the hotel, but he wasn’t and, as he tells Iris, he’s not gay. Liz is really Nick Pryor, a married man with children, but he had a secret hobby. Cross dresser is a term that describes heterosexual males who enjoy wearing traditional feminine clothing.


I’m friends with a couple, where the husband likes to dress in female Steampunk clothing at various Steampunk events. His wife is okay with it…so am I. This is a good looking man with a great job and a lovely wife. His wigs, shoes and dresses are to die for; absolutely beautiful and, his make-up adds the finishing touch that makes him look and feel like a lady. I see nothing wrong with his cross dressing. He is a gentle and caring person. This is why I loved learning about Liz’s backstory.

The countess helps Nick find his true inner self with make-up and clothing tips. She encourages Liz to flaunt her stuff and when Liz/Nick’s fellow employees catch him walking down the hallway for ice, the countess quickly silences them. Nick was never turned. Why, the countess let him live, we don’t know. Liz stayed at that hotel where he felt welcomed and never went back home.


I don’t know what will happen with Max’s classmates who’ve all been infected, but I don’t think the countess is going to be happy. John, unaware that his wife is a blood sucker, can’t convince his boss that he spent the night with serial killers. John loses his badge and is fired. He’s off the wagon and Sally uses booze to get him into bed.

AHS Alex

Alex goes back to the hotel where she’s given the job of governess. Does that mean that Iris won’t have to take care of the vampiric toddler brigade? Alex and Holden now share a coffin together. Not once, does Alex even mention or worry about her daughter’s whereabouts. She gets no Mother’s Day card this year.

Tonight was all about Iris and Liz and some snobby hotel guests who checked in because they didn’t feel like handing out candy to the neighborhood kids. Anyone who has ever worked for the public and had to wait on people should enjoy the ending on tonight’s show. Iris was used to being invisible. Everyone took her for granted; talked down to her. The snobby guests were rude and obnoxious to Iris. They demanded room service and Pâté. They checked out of the Cortez via laundry chute. Karma!

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    1. awesome review and you filled in some parts that I missed last nite. Great episode!!

      1. Thank you, Stacey. Other than the choice of serial killers last week, I’m enjoying this season.

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