Fear the Walking Dead S01 E05: Cobalt

Soldier on Cobalt

When civilization crumbles around us like day old bread, the military will take every precaution to protect its citizens… even if it means putting a bullet in your head to reach their goal. On the last episode of “Fear the Walking Dead,” people are being torn away from their loved ones. The soldiers have their orders… but will they obey them?


Unless you’re a commanding officer, the life of a soldier is hard. When you add into the equation that the line of command is royally screwed due to the horde of ravenous dead heading your way, then the life of a soldier becomes one freaking nightmare. The National Guard is there to keep the infected away from the healthy, but that isn’t always possible when, as we fans of “The Walking Dead” know, we are all infected.


Ofelia stages a protest at the gate. She wants her mother. Andy (Shawn Hatosy) risks getting shot himself by offering to calm her down. It’s a trap and now Andy is being interrogated by Daniel, or should I say tortured. We don’t know much about Daniel except for what’s he revealed so far about his past. He is a survivor of a war torn country, but what he does to Andy has us wondering what his role was then and, what it is now as he places the table with the sharp implements next to the frightened soldier.


Lt. Moyers (Jamie McShane) is a type of officer who bullies or shames his men into obeying orders. He’s not a good leader, but his men have been trained to obey their superiors, even if said superior is an ass wipe. When Travis demands to see his son, Lt. Moyers takes him for a ride.

Unlike Maddy, Travis is still unaware of just how fragile his existence is along with everyone else living behind the fence. On the way to the warehouse/ hospital, Travis is ordered to shoot one of the walkers inside a donut shop. He can’t. Travis doesn’t get it yet; doesn’t understand what the soldiers have been dealing with. Travis is sent home when the soldiers he’s riding with go on a rescue mission.



We are introduced to a new character. He’s a smooth-talking, well-dressed man who calls himself, the Closer. His name is Strand (Colman Domingo) and his job is to weed out the sick and the weak who share his cell. He does a great job of breaking down the already sobbing Doug, but he decides that Nick might be worth keeping by his side if he is going to escape. I get a feeling that this guy, Strand, is someone to keep your eye on. He is definitely a survivor.


While Alicia and Chris try on the clothing, jewelry and champagne at their neighbor’s abandoned home, Liza learns why Dr. Exner is keeping Griselda in a cage. It is usually the paramedics, emergency room staff and the military that are able to quickly connect the dots. They are the first responders who see what’s happening while the general population goes about its day to day business. First responders are trained to handle large scale disasters. Did you know that the CDC and Homeland Security have a zombie plan? I kid you not. Check it out here and here. I’m sure glad that I’m a member of the Zombie Squad.


“Fear the Walking Dead” is doing a great job of showing just how stupid we’d act if a real zombie apocalypse were to occur. Travis had no idea how bad it was until he had to aim that gun at the waitress inside the donut shop. Maddy and Daniel were quicker to get the gist of the situation. Lt. Moyers, even though he was a bastard, went to his death knowing that the infected outnumbered the healthy.


Griselda isn’t going home. Even though her foot was amputated, she went into septic shock. She died twice; once because of sepsis; the second time when Liza used a captive bolt pistol to her head. Now I really feel bad for the poor cows. Daniel isn’t going to be happy about Griselda’s death, but he did get Andy to talk about Cobalt. Later, Daniel visits the arena, but the sounds coming from behind the locked doors only validate what Andy told him.


The military has a plan for everything, even zombies. If you can’t contain the infection; if the dead keep coming back to feast on the living; if the shit’s hit the fan, then the military will exterminate everything that moves. See you next week, my little zombie snacks, for the season finale of “Fear the Walking Dead.” You might want to study the CDC’s zombie plan until then.


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