Twin Peaks S02 E18: On the Wings of Love


The last episode of “Twin Peaks” was all about secrets and how they can literally kill you. Twin Peaks is a town of secrets. It’s like Congress. While Harry is dealing with his grief a stranger climbs into his bed. Wake up Harry!


We pick up in this episode exactly where we left off. Harry’s bodyguard is either knocked out cold or dead. Jones uses Josie’s perfume to confuse the sleeping sheriff. But, it isn’t words of love that Jones wants whisper into Harry’s ear. Using a wire, she tries to kill our sheriff, but luckily for the show, Harry breaks free and knocks her out.


Cooper’s advice for Harry’s hangover sends Harry and the viewers running for the bathroom. Cooper tells Harry that Jones tried to kill him because of Eckhardt’s sexual jealousy. That might be possible. Jones was in love with Eckhardt and she did what he would have done if he hadn’t been killed; eliminate all rivals. All you have to do is watch the news to learn how common sexual jealousy is. Why do you think abusive husbands kill their wives? These sociopaths would rather spend life in jail, than allow their ex-wives to live a normal life. Sick minds!

Doc tells Cooper and Harry about Windom’s visit, but what they don’t know is that Windom is listening in via Bonsai plant, which was supposedly from Josie. David Lynch revives his role as Gordon and it sure as hell helped with the storyline.

Cooper and Gordon

I think David should have been in a few more episodes of season two. I wouldn’t have needed the Weenie File if he were. Gordon tells Cooper that Windom was part of Project Blue Book. It was a secret assignment. Gerard and Windom were using the same drug, haloperidol. The good news is that Gordon reinstates Cooper back into the FBI Cooper can pack away those flannel shirts.

Audrey delivers room service to John, but all I keep looking at is that stupid sweater and his pants hiked up over his waist. This has to be the ugliest sweater, ever. I really don’t like this John character at all or his sexual word play. “If you’re gonna bring a hammer, you better bring the nails?”


I can’t see what Audrey sees in John, but maybe he’s the next best thing if she can’t have Cooper. Later, Ben has a chat with Audrey. He is really trying to be good. Ben talks about the Kennedys and Audrey’s ability to be his right hand man. With Johnny in the background, we wonder if Ben ever sits and chats with his son. Ben gives Audrey her first assignment; go to Seattle to meet with environmentalists. John declares his love for Audrey, so why is Ben okay with this?


Donna is tailing her mom, who goes to visit Ben at the lodge. She enlists Audrey’s help. That little peep hole has come in handy for Audrey. This is one way to keep her dad an honest man. I wasn’t surprised to see Ben act so lovingly with Eileen. We’ve all experienced enough soap operas in our lifetime to guess what their connection is, but for now, Audrey and Donna don’t have a clue. Donna is put off when Doc keeps making excuses for Eileen. Donna knows somethings up, especially, when flowers are delivered. Doc did not send them.

Weenie File

James sends Donna a postcard from his adventures. Isn’t this kid supposed to be in school? Mike and Nadine check out of the Great Northern and Donna and Audrey act like this is okey dokey? This storyline makes absolutely no sense. Why isn’t Nadine locked away? Maybe the jail cells aren’t strong enough to keep her locked up


Log Lady is at the Double R Diner as Gordon and Cooper enter. Did David Lynch make this guest appearance in hopes of helping with the low ratings? If so, then it sure as hell worked. Gordon hits on Shelly. A miracle has occurred. Shelly has cured Gordon’s hearing, but he can only hear Shelly without the hearing aids. Gordon is in love and I can’t wait to see where this crush takes us.


Annie is the one that lights Cooper’s fire when she correctly identifies a bird for him. Oh my God! Annie actually talks like Cooper. Harry realizes what’s happening. Cooper is in love. I love Cooper. He’s too sweet even if he does tell stupid penguin jokes. While our agents both fall for the Double R staff, Annie recognizes the symbol that was made from Briggs and Log Lady’s tattoos; Owl cave.


Leo gets to pick three cards and all the queens bear the faces of the young girls known to Cooper. Cooper is the King of Spades. The Queen of Hearts is still blank, but not for long. Whoever wins the Miss Twin Peaks Contest will be the unfortunate Queen of Hearts. Like a bad case of gonorrhea, Gordon is all over the place and even follows Audrey to the library. He tells Audrey that she looks like a queen. Kenneth Welsh is perfect for the part of Windom Earle because he is so talented at portraying his character as unobtrusive, while planning to kill a few young girls.


Andy is hilarious as he practices spelunking in the office. Would you trust Andy in a cave? Spelunking is a dangerous sport and you really need to know what you’re doing. Andy’s clumsiness came in handy in helping our heroes find some mysterious symbols, but the owls are not pleased. They attack after a clue is found; a petroglyph of an owl. Too much coincidence, Cooper thinks so. Windom goes to the cave later in the day. He recognizes the meaning of the petroglyph, but his changing its position causes a cave in.


Annie drops by for a drink at the hotel just as Cooper walks in. Cooper wants to ask Annie about the scars, but she’s not ready. Annie acts like being in the convent was the same as being a hermit. It’s not. I went to twelve years of Catholic School and, let me tell you; those nuns at our high school had to be on top of the latest craze and fads, just to keep us in line. We were tough kids. Tough enough to earn the name Goretti’s Gorillas Unless Annie was a cloistered nun; she was not shut away from the world.


Finally, this episode begins to connect the dots and, if you’ve noticed, I only had two candidates for the Weenie File. The chess pieces are carefully placed, the goal; capture the queen. Annie and Cooper are perfect together because they mirror each other’s pain and innocence. I’m still upset that Audrey and Cooper aren’t together. Audrey falling for John just doesn’t feel right, and especially, after seeing him in that sweater and pants that made him look like Ed Grimley from SNL.


The scene where Ben talks to Audrey is one of the highlights of this episode. Audrey is the son Ben wished he’d had in Johnny. It was good to watch Ben come clean about his past. Ben apologizes for being the worst dad of the year and even brings up his affair with Laura. That one act shows that Ben is changing. Audrey, for such a young girl, knows exactly what a scum bucket her dad is, but she’s wise beyond her years and she forgives him. Let’s hope that Windom doesn’t make good on his card trick.

Because this episode focused on the alien aspect and supernatural goings on the town, this episode felt so right. The story was always about the dark side of man, and the evil entities those Owls represented that made Twin Peaks such a cult favorite. The cave drawings are old, very old. Does this mean that BOB, who we know is connected to the Owls, is an ancient creature, perhaps an alien? I am looking forward to seeing if the remaining episodes can answer some of the questions about the connection with the Air Force’s UFO study, the White Lodge, the Black Lodge, and BOB.

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