Defiance S03 E13: The March We Fittest Die

Defiance - Season 3

This is it! This is the season three finale and I don’t want to see the show end. Season three, in my opinion, was the best of all the seasons and we owe this to the bad guys. Pitting the Defiance townsfolk against two invaders, both of whom have a liking for flesh, was a brilliant move to up the tension and action of the show. General Tak was a real badass, who enjoyed munching on ears, but on last week’s episode of “Defiance,” Kindzi is about to release thousands of flesh eating Omecs on the town.


Our sexy purple people eater has lost all control since gorging on her father’s innards. She hates Stahma and this is due to jealousy. I try to block out the image of incest that is a common practice with the Omecs, but the real reason Kindzi wants to wipe out the entire Tarr family, starting with the infant, is because her father had fallen under Stahma’s spell.

Season three’s strength was in the introduction of two worthy enemies, that we all agree on, but it was also the season where the Defiance women were given more power, more leeway and this formula has made “Defiance” a top notch science fiction show. Stahma, our resident spider who always placed her little behind above all others, was willing to become Kindzi’s slave if the baby was spared.


Although Alak doesn’t believe his mother’s motive for killing Christie, I really believe she did it to save the child. Christie knew it too. Some women make lousy mothers, and Stahma, according to Alak was definitely not mommy material. But, something happens on that road from mother to grandmother and, sometimes a lousy mom turns into a loving and protective grandmother.

Stahma and Alak’s pleas for Luke’s life are ignored by Kindzi. She forgot about the other Tarr family member. Datak’s bionic arm comes to the rescue again and pins Kindzi to the wall long enough for them to escape.  Kindzi’s fellow Omecs are confused by her erratic commands and if Nolan doesn’t kill her, her own people might.


This was the season of the “Defiance” women and we’ll start with Amanda. Julie Benz’s character really had the chance to show off her talent on this season when she took back the town and regained her crown as mayor. She knows that the only way to destroy the Omec invasion is to hit their ship. She goes with Dr. Yewll’s plan to take over the Arkbrain of T’evgin’s ship. After convincing Datak that Yewll is not under the control of Kindzi, plans are made to invade the ship. I think I enjoyed the Amanda character the most on this season.


When Amanda is seriously injured while she and Berlin fight off the Omecs, she has the chance to come clean with Stahma. Sometimes an enemy is someone you’d admire if you didn’t hate their guts. Stahma and Amanda would probably be comrades if they weren’t so strong willed and, if Stahma hadn’t killed Kenya. I got a bad feeling when Nolan gave Amanda that goodbye kiss.

Stephanie Leonidas put her character, Irisa, through the wringer this season. It was a welcomed change which allowed Irisa to reveal that her memories and Nolan’s of her childhood were completely opposite. Irisa gets to show her softer side this episode while spending time with baby Luke. Nolan may have brought Irisa up to be a warrior, but she is really a gentle woman who loves children. This gentleness is not wasted on Alak. I can see these two getting together. Irisa’s concern for all children, even an Olmec child, forces Nolan’s hand later in the episode.

Doc Yewll was the biggest surprise this season and, I have commented on these welcomed changes on almost every recap. Trenna Keating took her character from minor league to the majors with her wise cracking, eye rolling, sarcastic one liners and I looked forward each week to seeing who’d fall victim to her sharp tongue.


Yewll always knew the mission to destroy the Olmec ship was a suicide mission. Once she was connected to the ship’s brain, there was no going home. The plan is to blow the ship up, but Irisa is shocked to see Omec children in hibernation.

Nolan and K

Nolan’s awe at seeing his planet from a distance was kind of sweet. I had always assumed he’d been in space, but his reaction has me wondering. Irisa had balked at the ship being destroyed when she’d seen the Omec children, but Nolan wasn’t about to let her down a second time. He did what any loving father would do…tricked her into going back to earth… back to Alak. He gave her a chance to live.

Kindzi makes her way back to the ship for one more confrontation. Her hesitation on whether to kiss or eat Nolan winds up being her swan dive from the show and into the ship’s core. Kindzi and T’evgin were really interesting aliens and I would have enjoyed another season of learning more about them and their amazing ship.

While the town rebuilds and heals, while Amanda returns to her role as mayor, and Irisa to her job as Lawkeeper; Nolan is remembered as a hero. I knew there was a reason I worried about that kiss between Nolan and Amanda. Depending on the ratings, there might not be a season four. I hope the big guns that run Syfy will give this show a chance. It has potential.


While the people of Defiance celebrate their survival, Nolan and Yewll are traveling through the galaxy looking for a new home for their cargo. If Nolan had to go away, I’m glad it was with Yewll. She is physically part of the ship, now, but that hasn’t stopped her wisecracking.

And we, my little Votans, must wait while those with more power than us decide the fate of our friends. Let’s send a loud message! Give us a season four!

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  1. I’m an All-the-way-Meh fan.

    I like how she never let her pragmatism stop her from telling Amanda and Nolan exactly what she thought of them stripping the flesh from her back. I think that scene was one of the most horrific of the season.

    We got to dig deeper into all the main characters this season and the show was a whole lot more enjoyable because of it.

    Like you, I hope it was enough to bring Season 4 upon us.

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