Defiance S03 E11: Of A Demon in My View

Defiance - Season 3

On the last episode of “Defiance,” Nolan sabotaged the peace treaty, but we can’t really blame him. He has alien arktech stuck in his head. While Kindzi got the upper hand on T’evgin, Nolan and Irisa are on a caravan to Brazil as prisoners of the Votanis Collective. They need a miracle.


Berlin, sans her “Indiana Jones/ Shark fighting boyfriend, Von Bach (Ian Ziering), happens upon a bloody mess on her way back to Defiance. Everyone is dead except for Irisa. So where’s Nolan? Berlin thinks that raiders attacked the Votanis convoy, but our little Irisa knows better. Those teeth marks on the bodies don’t lie.

Nolan and Kindzi

I’ve said it before, but I don’t mind reiterating how enjoyable this season of Defiance has been and we owe it all to the bad guys, the Omecs and, the now deader than a doorknob, General Rahm Tak (Lee Tergesen) added the needed tension to keep the plot moving at a steady pace. While Tak marched towards Defiance one head spiking head at a time, T’evgin was trying to assimilate, becoming friends with his food. Kindzi, on the other hand, is pure carnivore.

The mystery of Nolan’s disappearance is solved when we see him back at the Omec mines. Kindzi explains to our lovable Dr. Yewll why she wants to keep Nolan as a pet. He saved her life and gave her a coat when she was cold. I doubt the Omecs are accustomed to kindness, so I can see why Kindzi was touched by Nolan’s concern for her safety. Against Yewll’s advice Kindzi removes the arktech from Nolan’s skull, disconnecting him from Irisa’s brain.

Kindzi ep 11

I’ve been concentrating more on the love sessions between Stahma and T’evgin in my recaps, but tonight I’ll focus on Kindzi. Nicole Galicia’s Kindzi is a scary sexy kitten, who is all bite and hate. We can thank T’evgin for the hate. He preached hate for many years against the collective, but he never expected Kindzi to surpass his desire for revenge. I expected to see T’evgin asleep in one of the freezer pods, but Kindzi has weakened T’evgin by draining most of his blood. While Yewll is given an assignment to wreak havoc on Defiance, Kindzi shows Nolan that being a pet has its benefits in the sack.


Amy Forsyth’s Andina, the handmaiden, who has been kept in the shadows most of this season, reveals her tricky side, tonight. While Datak gathers a band of unhappy militants to protect Stahma from Kindzi, Stahma teaches Andina to weave. Stahma may have met her match with Andina when it comes to weaving a spider’s web. Andina has Alak’s ear and if she is allowed to marry Alak, she just might convince Alak to forgive his mother. Andina is brave if not smart…especially since Stahma had a sharp weaving needle in her hand.


Doc Yewll

I know that Trenna Keating’s Yewll is loyal only to herself, but I still love this character. Even with a command implant inside her, Yewll still hands out the best sarcasm. When Kindzi comments on Nolan’s best features, Yewll’s reply, “Sorry, not my gender.” Doc Yewll cracks me up. The ladies of “Defiance” have stepped up their game and I’m loving the show because of this.


It was good to see Berlin back in “Defiance.” She and Amanda work well together, which leaves the question, will Berlin return to Von Bach after she helps Amanda trick the collective into thinking that raiders were responsible for the attack on the caravan and for Nolan and Irisa’s deaths.


Kindzi thought that Nolan would believe her lies about Irisa being okay with the attack on the caravan, but Nolan knew his daughter better than Kindzi did. Nolan escaped being a Scooby snack and he and T’evgin compare notes on how badly they raised their daughters. T’evgin admits that when you teach a child to hate, that is all you can expect in return.

It was sad to see T’evgin die so quickly. He kind of grew on me. Luckily for Nolan and Irisa, T’evgin is the good guy to the very end. Kindzi kills her father because she considered him weak. She took his life and then she took his heart and ate it. Kindzi has plans for Defiance and she’ll need all her brothers and sisters awake for the feeding frenzy. We do get a flashback on how the Omecs found our planet. Do you ever wonder about all those radio signals we send into space? We might want to reconsider what kind of reply to expect.

While “Rockin’ Robin” is playing in the background, Dr. Yewll has captured Datak for Kindzi’s intergalactic feeding extravaganza. Stahma, Alak and baby Luke are next.

Loving this season of baddies! See you next week, my little Votans, only two episodes left.

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