Actor Trading Cards: Ryan Reynolds


Born: October 23, 1976 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Height: 6’2

Personal Quote:

“I never took acting classes, but I knew I could do it based on the skill with which I lied to my parents on a regular basis!”

Did You Know?

One of the few actors to star in films based on comic books from both Marvel (X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the upcoming Deadpool) and DC Comics (Green Lantern).



Ryan Reynolds has racked up several box office hits in his career, yet ‘Mega Star’ status alludes him. He was building up some fantastic momentum leading up to his portrayal as Hal Jordan in Green Lantern…unfortunately, the movie was dreadful (not Reynolds’ fault). Then, he followed it up with the mediocre animated film Turbo and the poorly received R.I.P.D. Early buzz on Self/less is not very positive which means Reynolds will probably have to wait until 2016 (Deadpool) for the chance to break his losing streak.

Best Known For: Van Wilder (‘Van Wilder’),  The Proposal (‘Andrew Paxton’), and Green Lantern (‘Hal Jordan / Green Lantern’)

Breakout Role (according to the masses): Van Wilder

Breakout Role (according to Leo Craven): Blade: Trinity
– Of course, I loved “Van Wilder” too, but it was “Blade: Trinity” that established Ryan Reynolds as having more to offer than just his comedic wit. I could also make a case for his role in “The Amityville Horror” remake, which showed audiences for the first time that the guy can really act.

Box Office Status: One-Hit-Away from Mega Star

Next Project to Look Out for: Self/less (In theaters July 10th)

Most (In)Famous Role (‘Van Wilder’ in Van Wilder):


Nominated for Best Actor (IGN Summer Movie Awards) in 2010 for “Buried

Nominated for Breakthrough Male Performance (MTV Movie Awards) in 2002 for “Van Wilder”


In 2014 Blur Studio leaked ‘test footage’ of the character ‘Deadpool’ (played by Ryan Reynolds). The resulting buzz was so strong that the project was finally given the green light by 20th Century Fox and a release date in February, 2016 for a full length film featuring the wise-cracking (and very R-rated) mercenary, Deadpool.  Check out the test footage that made it all possible:

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