Twin Peaks S02 E02: Coma


The series, “Twin Peaks,” has become a special treat for me. Just like the Italian Espresso that I treat myself to every afternoon, or that piece of chocolate that I have after dinner, I look forward to viewing and then reviewing the “Twin Peak” series for Biff Bam Pop!. The characters on the show are more like family to me and, if you ever met my family, you’d understand. Last episode, the giant returned. This episode, Agent Cooper talks Buddha to Albert.


I feel for Albert. He’s a ‘by the book’ type of agent and, he just doesn’t get Cooper’s constant comparing of Tibetan culture to the crime that needs to be solved. It’s like comparing myna birds to coconuts. Cooper tells him that Ronette is awake from her coma, but she’s not talking, so he’s going to show her a picture of Bob and Leo.


Albert wants to know if anyone has seen Bob visiting earth in the last week. I love this guy. Why should Cooper have all the fun of being weird? Albert gives his report on Jacque Renault’s stomach contents: beer cans, a Maryland license plate, half a bicycle tire, a goat and, a small wooden puppet named Pinocchio. Score one for Albert. Cooper likes a good joke.

Albert is fed up with the ineptness of the town and also warns Cooper that his former partner, Windom Earle has escaped from the nut house. This is the first time I’ve seen Cooper looking scared. What’s the scoop on Earle?


A scene from the original “Honeymooners” came to mind when I watched the antics of Cooper and Harry’s visit to Ronette. Half the time there was wasted on trying to get the chairs to the right height. Cooper was getting all Ed Norton (Art Carney) on the damn chair. When they finally show Ronette the sketch of Bob, she freaks out.


Mr. Smith

Donna is doing her meals on wheels program and even the shut-ins in that town are freaking strange. Donna’s first stop is to a woman who hates creamed corn. Her young grandson is dressed in a tux, does magic tricks and talks in riddles, but if Donna wants to learn more about Laura, she’ll have to talk to Mr. Smith. He never leaves his house.

Pigs, Logs and, Andy

Two ledgers and one smoked cheese pig. Which one do we burn and it won’t be the pig. The brothers Grimm make plans for the Mill’s insurance, but in the end, they decide to toast marshmallows instead. Ben finally calls the sheriff to tell him that Audrey is missing. Ben is such a pig. His daughter has been missing for two days. We see none of the stress that a loving father would exhibit. Ben is more concerned with the potential loss of a rich client. Does Audrey’s mom realize that her daughter hasn’t been around for a few days? Leland’s preemptive call to Iceland has placed him in the dog house with Ben.


Log Lady visits the dinner and is scolded by Norma for sticking her chewing gum on the walls and tables. When I was a kid, I used to stick my gum on the underside of my dinner plate while I ate and often got lectured for doing so and, with nine grandkids, I’ve found gum stuck in every nook and cranny. Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight? Here is my favorite version of the song by Sha Na Na

While log lady chews her gum, the log gives Major Briggs a message. I love when Andy is in a scene. He may be dumber than a door knob, but he knows that he’s not the daddy of Lucy’s baby. He’s sterile. Lucy has some explaining to do.


I’ve heard the talk that season two wasn’t as good as season one, but I’m coming at this show twenty-five years late and with a different perspective. I had the opportunity of reading Andy Burns’ book before watching the series. I came to the table already knowing the inside jokes. Where other people see a weaker second season script, I see sharp wit and paradoxes. Lynch and Frost were deliberately setting up the fans each week only to have the rug pulled from under them.


Yes, this series was about murder, prostitution, drugs and gambling, but it was also funny. I think some fans were so focused on the horror aspects of the show that they forgot to laugh at the punch lines. Life is funny, but more so during a disaster. People do and say stupid things when they’re afraid.

The log lady, Andy, Lucy, Albert and even Leland, all remind me of real people that I’ve met on my journey through life. They all had their quirks and, a story to tell. Lynch even used the music as a character for the series. Badalamenti’s music was cool, hip and wove its way through the scenes like a snake on a mission; from one screw up to another.


So what did we learn on this episode? Audrey learns that daddy dearest is the owner of One Eyed Jacks, Hank used to be a Bookhouse Boy, Leo is a vegetable, Windom Earle has escaped the looney bin, Bob likes to scare the girls and, Major Briggs has received a message from outer space. The owls are not what they seem and, the aliens know about Cooper.

Where is Fox Mulder when we need him? I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying season two right now. See you next week and watch where you stick you gum.



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