Orphan Black S03 E03: Formalized, Complex, and Costly


On last week’s episode of “Orphan Black,” a clone bit the dust! Seth is dead and, Kira, Cal, Mark and Gracie are on the run. Alison is the Suburban Queen of Drugs ‘R’ Us and, the Castor clones search for the mother lode of original DNA. With Helena and her pet scorpion as guests of Castor, you better grab your mitochondrial cells and follow me.

Clone Triathlon

If we thought keeping up with the clone club was sometimes freaking confusing, keeping up with the boy clones is just as perplexing. Mark is in love with Gracie. Gracie finally convinces him to consummate the marriage like normal people, but there is nothing normal about this couple. He wants to break free of the Castor Project, but he needs some information and Gracie knows just who to go to – Willard Finch.


What exactly does one do with a dead clone? That is exactly what Felix and Sarah are trying to figure out when Art drops by. Just ignore that very dead clone in the tub, Art. He’s our latest science project. A call to Cosima brings her and Scott over for a home style autopsy on Seth; tongs or spoons? Felix (Jordan Gavaris) is not in as many scenes as he was in the first two seasons. I guess he has to share the spotlight with Ari Millen this season, but I really love when Felix has more of a part, especially when he and Alison are working together.

Art finally meets Cosima. We get to learn more about Art and his relationship with Beth the cop clone. Art and Beth were not only partners. Art admired his partner and… he loved her. Maybe that’s why he’s helping Sarah, now.


The Campaign Trail

I’m so happy that Donnie is getting more involved with Alison’s secret life. The family that deals dope together, makes soap together. Alison took over Ramon’s thriving drug business and now has a winning platform to stand on. Hidden between those bars of fresh smelling bars are pills to make all the Stepford Wives happy as shit. Alison’s nemesis Marci Coates is getting suspicious about Alison’s new hobby and tries to bribe her opponent into moving to a different school district.

The Midwife

Sarah and Art go looking for the Prolethean midwife. In case you’re wondering if Alexis (Kathryn Alexandre) looks familiar, it’s because she is Tatiana Maslany’s body double, but she’s so talented, the director decided to give Kathryn her own role. Alexis tells the Prolethean nightmare of a cult mother, Bonnie (Kristin Booth) that she might know where her daughter Gracie is.


Cults are dangerous, but what always troubled me the most about cults was how the women so readily allowed their children to be abused. You read about this stuff all the time in the papers. The woman are either afraid to stand up for their children, or like Bonnie, take pleasure in the neglect and punishment of their children. Bonnie knew that her husband was forcibly impregnating her daughter Gracie with Helena’s fertilized egg. Her only reason for searching for Gracie was to pull her back into the hell hole known as the Prolethean Camp.


The boy clones are not having an easy time. They may be soldiers, but they are not battle ready like the ladies. Mark visits Finch when the box Gracie brings back doesn’t have the slides or blood samples. He doesn’t get far with Willard Finch’s interrogation due to the man’s bad ticker.

w"Formalized, Complex, and Costly" Episode 303

Doc Coady tells Paul to get her boy back. The government is looking to close down the Castor Project. The boy clones call her mother. She hugs Rudy even after he tells her that he had to shoot Seth. We find out that Seth’s cellular breakdown was similar to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease; mad cow disease in humans. Will Cosima find a cure from the brain she took from Seth?

Helena is stuck in the Castor Headquarters and it doesn’t look like she’ll be leaving soon. Cult Mom, Bonnie tracks down Gracie. Rachel is slowly recovering from her frontal lobe injury, but she won’t be ready to take back her job for a long time.


I liked Mark the best of all the boy clones played deliciously by Ari Millen. Mark wanted a normal life; a wife; family, but he wasn’t ready for the truth. Mark wasn’t ready for sisters. Yep, Mark, Rudy, Miller and dead Seth are brothers to Sarah and the seestras, but we knew that already, didn’t we? I wasn’t sure if Ari Millen was up to the task of playing several entities. How do you keep the different personalities separate? But, he surprised me especially with his Rudy and Seth clones. It doesn’t matter anyway because Bonnie the cult mom from hell, put a bullet into Mark, and another one bites the dust.


See you next week, my little clone club. If Alison wins the school board position, maybe she should run for president of the United States. She’d win.

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