Orphan Black S03 E02: Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis



Holy clone in a box! Helena and her imaginary pet scorpion are in the clutches of a new enemy. Who is Dr. Coady and what does she want with Helena’s baby? On last week’s episode of “Orphan Black,” we caught up on the latest adventures of our favorite science project and, things are not looking good for the seestras. Will Cosima decipher Duncan’s code? Will Donnie get a job? Will Ferdinand and Rachael need a new safe word? Will there be more clone switcheroos? Remember your safe word and follow me.


We’re going to need to dress the Castor clones in different colored shirts to tell them apart until we get to know their individual personalities. Tonight’s episode focused on brothers Rudy and Seth. In their search for original tissue samples they take time to play rough with a girl they picked up. They just can’t understand a lady’s refusal to play a double header. Luckily, they just take a hair sample before letting Patty go. The tests that the Castor clones go through reveals that Seth might not be functioning quite right. Is this defect similar to what Cosima has?


It’s pretty neat that the writers on “Orphan Black” based the Castor and Leda Project on the Greek myth of Leda and the Swan. Project Castor is under the arm of the military and you can understand the military wanting to create an army of super soldiers, but there is a paradox with the female clones. They should be sterile, and yet, Sarah and Helena have proven that theory wrong. Are the Castor clones also engineered to be sterile?


Of all the clones, Helena the mad hatter clone is the one who has suffered the most. She had finally found happiness in the arms of her seestras, but that was short lived thanks to Mrs. S. What does Castor want with Helena and why are they torturing her? I don’t know about you, but the water torture that Helena was put through was very upsetting; very Guantanamo Bay upsetting. Because we don’t know why Castor wants Helena, we can’t make sense of their treatment of her.


Who is this mysterious Dr. Coady and now that she knows that Helena is pregnant, what will that mean for the seestras? I don’t trust Dr. Coady. She only stopped the torture because she found out that Helena was pregnant, otherwise, she would have let the session continue. Luckily, Helena has her imaginary friend, a talking scorpion, to keep her mind focused. Well, let’s just say, as focused as Helena will ever be. I’m not giving up on Helena. She is a survivor and I’m hoping she finds a way to escape.


There are real people out in the world like our little Alison the soccer mom clone. Competitive to a fault, their feathers are easily ruffled if anyone takes the limelight away from them. Alison wants to run for the position of School Board Treasurer and since Alison is quite capable of getting what she wants, this season is already looking like fun. We watch Alison’s plans to take over the local drug cartel.


This year, Kristian Bruun, who plays Alison’s inept husband, is given a bigger part in the series. His character is funnier and more involved in Alison’s secret life. When Alison is attempting to buy Ramon’s drug business, Kristian plays his Donny like a Jerry Lewis to Alison’s Dean Martin. I freaking love it because the subject matter can be extremely dark at times and it’s great watching Alison and Donny lighten up the scenes.


As in seasons one and two, we never know who is friend or foe, Major Paul Dierden could be either. Cal is hiding a secret, but for now, he’ll keep Kira safe. Cosima is getting better and it may be a miracle or, something that Kira did. Dr. Coady is trying to turn Helena against her sisters by telling her that Sarah betrayed her. Let’s hope Helena doesn’t fall for the lie. But, it’s the Castor clones that I really want to talk about.


Why did Rudy and Seth take the hair from Patty? Cosima states that a hair follicle is a gold mine. It’s true, but unless they’re using it for identification or interested in the mitochondrial information to trace maternal blood lines, it makes no sense.


Seth was sick. What was the defect? Do Mark, Rudy and Miller share this defect? Is this why they are searching so hard for the original specimen? It’s going to take a while for us to feel comfortable or even care for the boy clones. We don’t know them. Not yet, but Ari Millen is doing a great acting job trying to make us care about his characters. I do hope he does as well as Tatiana Maslany does with her characters. Unfortunately, one of the boy clones was killed in this episode. Why did Rudy kill Seth? Did he know that there was no cure for his brother? The brothers do care for each other, but one wonders what type of childhood they must have had. They were under no illusions of what they were. Were they shown any love as children? Why is Mark removing his tattoo via blowtorch? Does he intend to run? Will he be Castor’s clone version of Sarah? We will have to wait until next week, my little clone club, to find out.

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