12 Monkeys S01 E04: Atari



In last week’s episode of “12 Monkeys,” we caught Cassandra in some Haiti hanky panky and, we were left to wonder the new location of the Night Room. In this weeks’ time-travel dance, the Temporal Facility is under attack by Deacon and the merry members of West 7. I have two questions. What did Cole do to piss off Deacon and, will Cole be able to return to the past and Cassandra. Are you ready to be splintered?



Cassandra has been a busy bee and has managed to gather a lot of information on the 12 Monkeys from the CDC. I love Cassie’s glasses. Is this the first time we see her in glasses? She wants to know more about Cole: where he’s from, about life in his future, but Cole is hesitant to tell her at first. Just when it looks like he’s going to come clean, he disappears. Some guys are like that. Start asking too many questions, and boom, they’re gone. But to be fair, it wasn’t Cole’s idea to leave.


I’m going out of order, time wise, but have patience; this dance routine has many steps. Cole was pulled back ahead of schedule because Deacon and the West 7 are attacking the fort. Whitley thinks the place is secured, but it isn’t. Deacon and his men come in through the tunnels. Cole thinks that maybe one of Whitley’s men talked. They have to protect the machine and they have to protect Jones, but all hell is breaking loose and Ramse is trapped. Before he is killed, he tells Cole over the walkie-talkie, “I’m in Atari.”  To understand the meaning of that message we must travel to another time.


We get to see how life was for Cole and Ramse before they joined West 7. Cole and Ramse were starving and on the run. The apocalypse was never meant to be fun. When they first meet Deacon (Todd Stashwick) they are offered food, water, booze and women. Cole meets Max (Romina D’Ugo) who was inducted into West 7 at the age of 13 and after the Scavs killed her father. The apocalypse is not a fun place for women, either.


Deacon takes what he wants, when he wants and he doesn’t leave survivors. Cole goes along with this, but Ramse is having a problem with killing just for the sake of killing. Deacon doesn’t like dissentions on his team and orders Cole to kill Ramse. The future sucks and Deacon reminds you of The Governor from “The Walking Dead.” Cole and Ramse escape, but they leave Max behind. This might be why Cole doesn’t want to talk about his past with Cassie.


Jones and Cole are locked in the room with the time machine, but Deacon is ready to blow the door off. They have one chance to save the future. Jones tells Cole that she’s going to send him back to Cassie and then he’s on his own, but time machines have a habit of malfunctioning when hit by bullets.

And Surprise

Holy Screw Up! Cole finds himself right back where he started. This is one hell of a time travel jitterbug, if you ask me. Yep, the furthest Cole traveled in time, is maybe a day before Deacon attacks the facility, and to add injury to insult, he’s captured by Deacon. After being tortured by Deacon, Cole has some drug poured onto his open wound that causes him to hallucinate and, holy snitch! It was Cole who gave a way the location of the underground tunnels. How’s that for a paradox. Max, who still loves Cole, helps him to escape and this is where it really gets confusing. There are now two Coles.


I’ll call them Cole A and Cole B. Cole A is still at the facility, when the attack begins, but Cole B with Max’s help prevents Ramse from getting killed. Cole B has to keep his distance from Cole A because of that fractured timeline death clause thingy. But, I think there’s another Cole running around somewhere because Deacon enters the machine room just as Cole A is splintered a second time or is it the first time.  Who the hell knows, but wouldn’t this mean we have a third Cole?


Deacon was defeated this time, but he’ll be back. Max was allowed to stay at the facility because she helped to save it. Ramse is alive and no longer ‘in Atari.’

There is a scene when Cole is hallucinating and flashing from one time to another. Guess what? There’s an app for that! Syfy Sync delivers some extras behind the scenes fun facts to your phone or tablet. There is also a sync hook up with Philips Hue that connects to your lighting system at home. The future is here and it’s awesome.


Ramse asks an important question. “If things happen for a reason, then why change it?” Good question. Cole does return to Cassandra and this time he’s ready to talk, but it will have to wait. Cassandra has found the Night Room.

The time travel dance is over, but we might be left with an extra dance partner. Let me know if you see Cole C running around. See you next week.

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