American Horror Story: Freak Show S04 E09: Tupperware Party Massacre




In last week’s episode of “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” we witnessed the body count growing and a beloved character maliciously eradicated by the jealous Elsa. It just doesn’t feel the same without Ethel (Kathy Bates), but she wasn’t the only person to meet an unexpected death. With Gloria out of the way, Dandy is free to go on a killing spree. What’s in the cards for our lovable freaks? Maybe Maggie has a clue.


It’s strange that Maggie doesn’t recognize the voice of the man who tried to saw her in half when Dandy drops by the sideshow to get a reading. Without Gloria around to control him, Dandy is just having a ball with any unfortunate vender that drops by the house. Missing the twins, Dot and Bette, our handy Dandy puts together his own two-headed puppet show thanks to the Avon lady and mom. Will Maggie see this in her crystal ball?

While Desiree and Maggie meet with Mr. Angus T. Jefferson (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), Desiree’s new boyfriend, Jimmy is feeding Ima all the food she wants because Jimmy likes them wide and soft. Jimmy has been stinking drunk ever since Ethel’s death. He is lost without his mother and this is causing havoc with Maggie. Jimmy even gets in an argument with Dandy who promises revenge. Jimmy is so drunk that he can’t even do the job of satisfying the horny women at the Tupperware party. After seeing the ghostly vision of Ethel he leaves the party leaving the coast clear for Dandy to drop by and shop.


Dell is grieving the loss of Ethel and his lover, Andy. He’s messed up everyone’s life with his bullying ways and now he’s being blackmailed by Stanley. Can Dell ever forgive himself for killing Ma Petite? Later that night, Stanley reveals to a shocked Dell that he too is a freak. Dell is encouraged by the ghosts of Ethel and Ma Petite to hang himself.

Stanley, who uses the lure of Hollywood to manipulate Elsa, has located the twins and he and Elsa bring them to a deserted barn to await the surgeon, Dr. Sugar. Stanley is a slimy character with no redeeming characteristics. He is a predator who collects specimens for a museum. But, if he thought that Dot and Bette were a sure thing, he did not count on their sisterly love for each other.



Dandy is preparing his bath and he has plenty of blood. After eliminating his mom, the Avon lady and the attendees at Sylvia’s Tupperware party, Dandy is as happy as can be, that is until Regina drops by. Dandy is so confidant in his power and status that he taunts his childhood friend and confesses to killing Dora. I was surprised that he let Regina walk out of the house, but you see, Dandy thinks he is a God. He doesn’t have to answer to anyone and no one can hurt him. When Regina returns with a police officer, we see for ourselves that money does talk.


Who would have guessed that a Tupperware party could be so deadly? Dandy is a dangerous man who thinks he’s above the laws of God and men and he perfectly fits the description of a sociopath. Stanley is also a dangerous man and a sociopath, but he likes to have other people do his dirty work, and the only man that can stop them is wallowing in his misery and too drunk to know that he’s being set up.


The performers at the sideshow are sitting ducks and they don’t even know it. Although Desiree has a new lover, she saves Dell’s life just in time. Will Dell finally do the right thing by getting rid of Stanley? One can only hope.

Dot and Bette have suffered their entire lives, but when the opportunity arrives for them to lead separate lives, Bette is unwilling to risk her sister’s life. She is willing to turn the other cheek and allow Dot and Jimmy to be lovers, but Jimmy loves Maggie.

Avance American Horror Story_ Freak Show (4x09) Tupperware Party Massacre - Sarah Paulson (Bette Tattler, Dot Tattler)

Dandy is rich and we’ve seen how the rich can get away with murder in the real world. Dandy’s offer of a quick million dollars convinces the officer to kill Regina (Gabourey Sidibe) which wasn’t that big of a loss because Gabourey Sidibe did not have that big a part in this season of “American Horror.” Dandy also kept good his word to seek revenge by having the cops arrest Jimmy for the Tupperware party massacre.


Tonight’s story revolved around three evil characters played stunningly brilliant by Finn Wittrock, Denis O’Hare and Michael Chiklis, but it’s Finn Wittrock’s Dandy that stole the show. You find yourself laughing at some of the antics of Wittrock’s Dandy, but not for long. Yes, we laugh at Dandy’s parading in the nude while claiming to be as powerful as God and the bedroom of stuffed animals does make us temporarily forget his brutality, but that smile on his face brings the terror home like a shot to the face. R.I.P. Gabourey.

I was upset when Ethel died so soon on the show, but as long as Kathy Bates keeps making guest appearances as a ghost, I’m happy. See you next week, my little lot lice, and do me a favor and hold off on those Tupperware parties for a while. It could get bloody.

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