Steampunk Granny Chats with “Lost Girl” Anna Silk


There is a show on the Syfy and Showcase channels that I’ve been watching for the last few years. It was certainly different than any show I’d seen in a long while and I was hooked on the first episode. The show I’m talking about is Lost Girl, and the actress who plays Bo, the kickass, loveable succubus trying to make her way in the Fae and human community, is the talented and beautiful Anna Silk.  When asked if I would like to interview Anna Silk for Biff Bam Pop, my reply was a loud, “Hell yeah!”

Lost Girl was created by developed by Prodigy Pictures in association with Shaw Media and Showcase. Executive producers are Jay Firestone, Vanessa Piazza, and Michael Grassi with Grassi taking over as the showrunner for season five. Anna Silk hints at what will happen on the final season, premiering this Sunday on Showcase at 9 pm ET, after the jump.

Marie Gilbert: Hi Anna. What a pleasure to talk to you. I’m so excited and I love your show.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Marie Gilbert: I saw the video where you explain that this is the last season of the show, and you were very brave and it was so touching.

Anna Silk: Thank you. (laughs)

Marie Gilbert: I’ll start off my questions with the show’s new showrunner, Michael Grassi. What do you think he’ll bring to season 5 and, if there are changes, what should we expect?

Anna Silk: Well, I can tell you what he’s like and that it was a fantastic experience. I feel like he was the perfect choice to take our series to the end which is obviously what season five does. First of all, he’s a lovely person and really great to work with, but he’s incredibly good at telling a very clear story that has a lot of energy and brings the element of each character out in a strong way. From my point of view, playing Bo, he brings so much intelligence and clarity back to Bo and I feel like we have clear headed, mission driven Bo, but she’s still sensitive and all the things that we love about her. Michael created a beautiful season and an incredible ending that I’m so grateful to him for and will always be because he was the perfect choice to lead us to finish line.”

Marie Gilbert: So the changes are all positive as far as you’re concerned?

Anna Silk: “Yeah, they are and we’ve had so many interesting people with us over the seasons and it’s been kind of perfect really, but I feel that he’s the perfect choice.”

Marie Gilbert: For season five, what will the themes be and what will the season zero in on, if you’re allowed to say”

Anna Silk: “Well…I think one of the biggest themes is again, family. I know that’s kind of a broad term in Bo’s world because she has her family that she’s created through the people she’s met like Dyson (Kris Holden Ried) Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) and Lauren (Zoie Palmer) and then there is her blood family with Trick (Richard Howland) and her parents, which she still has a lot of unanswered questions about.

So, I would think that family is a big theme of every aspect of this season. Season five picks up shortly after where season four left off and I feel there is a lot of heartbreak and confusion at the end of season four. There’s a lot of guilt for Bo around what happened to Hale and what happened to Kenzi, so she’s got a lot drive to get some answers and will literally go to the ends of the Earth to get those answers. So, I would say that’s where we start off with a lot of energy driving forward and I actually watched the first episode (501: Like Hell) last night for the first time and I’m really pleased. It looks exactly how it felt to shoot. Because…laughing…you never know, but it was fun and it brings up a lot of good questions”

Marie Gilbert: Well with Kenzi because she is such an important part of your life, how do you go about surviving without her as a sidekick? I don’t want to say too much about what I also saw of the first episode of the season, but how does Bo go through this season without Kenzi by her side?


Anna Silk: Well…without giving too much away, Kenzi became like a sister to Bo and Bo was also her protector, but I think that Bo is so driven to get Kenzi back (laughs).

Marie Gilbert: I understand and you don’t have to give anything away. We’ll just say that Bo will make every attempt to get Kenzi back.

Anna Silk: Yes, it’s important and she would never stop, you know.

Marie Gilbert: I know the fans of the show are sort of split into Team Lauren and Team Dyson, so…


Anna Silk: Yes, they are.

Marie Gilbert: I love it and I thought it was so important to have a lead character that was also into a same sex relationship, because I have a granddaughter who is going through this, I identified with this immediately and I’m very supportive of it, but the question is; will Bo finally pick her true love or… you… know? (both laugh)

Anna Silk: Well…

Marie Gilbert: It’s a hard question and if you can’t answer it because it gives away too much for the season, that’s okay. I understand.

Anna Silk: Well…as vague as I have to be about this answer, I can tell you that Bo doesn’t have to be as vague. The romance angle is obviously present in season five and the fans will not be disappointed. Let’s put it that way, with the whole love angle, they will not be disappointed.  They will either be surprised or not surprised; I don’t know. I’m sure that will be the key to their reaction.

Marie Gilbert: But, one of the teams will be happy, or they’ll both be disappointed (both laugh).

Anna Silk: I wish I could tell you.

Marie Gilbert: “It’s good. I won’t put you on the spot. I respect you keeping it a secret.”

Anna Silk: I do think that it’s great to see a lead character on T.V. that is in a same sex relationship. I think that the way it has been done on “Lost Girl” it’s not the highlight, underscored, it’s just who she is and that is how people are. So it’s nice to see that…Bo has bigger things to worry about like fighting evil and that kind of thing, and her sexual preferences and relationships are just a part of who she is, and that’s nice to see.


Marie Gilbert: I enjoy that part too, because it helped me understand my granddaughter and I feel this show is a guiding light for children coming into an identification of who they are. It’s good to see it on the screen where they have a female lead, a hero that kids can look up to.

Anna Silk: Yeah and I’m very, very, proud of that aspect of the show.

Marie Gilbert: “This year, you’re going to have a lot of big stars lined up for season five. What are your feelings on Eric Roberts? I was so excited about all the actors coming on for season five, Amanda Walsh and Luke Bilyk, but pleasantly surprised with Eric Roberts added to the cast.

Anna Silk: Well, I was too and I had a tremendous time working with him. I really enjoyed the experience and he had so much to bring, he’d been doing this for so long and has been involved in so many projects that he has this presence about him that I was happy to be a part of and to witness…yeah, it’s really exciting to have him on the show.

Marie Gilbert: Will Bo stay independent or will she be forced to pick a side. In season five, will she get a choice?

Anna Silk: I feel that Bo, as part of the fabric of who she is, doesn’t really align herself and that she remains, rogue. So, I feel if she did then she would be compromising that part of her being. She definitely stays true to who she is.


Marie Gilbert: What are your plans for the future after the season five finale? Have you thought that far?

Anna Silk: “Well, we finished filming in the beginning of October and my plan is to take a bit of a break. I have a son and I want to spend time with him, and that’s what I’ve been doing, which has been really wonderful. He’s nineteen months old, today and he’s pretty tiny and I’ve just been enjoying time with him. But I do find that as soon as I say I’m taking a break, projects tend to creep up. I don’t know for sure, but my plan right now is to take a break.”

Marie Gilbert: That sounds good, especially when you have a baby. And, I’m guessing that you and Kensia and the team will still pal around after the show is done. It was a beautiful show and after five seasons, I’m guessing you all got close off the show, too.

Anna Silk: Oh, yeah. Absolutely, and I was just talking with Zoie a couple of days ago and e-mailing with Kris as well, and Rick last week e-mailed me. We’ve forged some bonds that are for life.

Marie Gilbert: Was there anything that you wanted the fans to know?

Anna Silk: “Well, yes. You know the reason we made that video for the fans is because they’ve taken such a personal investment in our show, and I felt that it was nice to have a personal message for them in behalf of the cast and the crew because the fan base of the show has been so tremendous and so loyal and loving and so strong opinioned and we welcomed all of it. I would just say, “Thank you” to them and that they are amazing and we appreciated them every step of the way and I can’t wait for them to see season five. I can’t wait to hear what they think and hope they fall in love with it the way I did while working on it all season. Yes, that would be my message.”

Marie Gilbert: Anna, I want to thank you for this interview for Biff Bam Pop. A lot of people in my family are big fans of this show and will be glued to their sets. And, for all our Biff Bam Pop’s followers, you can catch the season premier this coming Sunday, December 7th at 9 p.m. on Showcase and the premier date for the Syfy Channel will be announced at a later date. Here is the season five trailer:

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    1. Thank you so much. Anna Silk was such a pleasure to interview and I can’t wait until the season starts.

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