Trailer Time – Star Wars: The Force Awakens


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UPDATED: Biff Bam Pop writers have been sending in their thoughts, which we’re compiling below:

David Sanford Ward: Like many, the prequels left me a bit cold. I still like them, and I still love the originals, but the shine had worn off my Star Wars fandom. Until today. As news has been hitting us over the past few months about the next film, I’ve really not cared very much – and then I saw the teaser trailer. Consider my skepticism thrown to the rubbish bin – this next installment looks bloody brilliant! Complaints be damned – bring on the space monsters, lasers, robots, and cheesy dialogue! I may be jumping the gun here, but it looks like Star Wars is back.

Luke Sneyd: From the opening vista of Tatooine to the final light-sabre’s fizzle, this tease is built for fans. And people, we are on the MOVE. J.J. Abrams brings his signature kineticism to every frame, ready to be pored over like the geeky codex it is. If anything, Star Wars suits Abrams more than Star Trek. His streamlined action ought to make The New One (TM) crackle with energy, and jettison Lucas’s penchant for mind-numbing space bureaucratic bafflegab. And hey, droids! A funky land-speeder thingy! X-wings! The frickin’ Millennium Falcon, man! And that nasty bad-ass medieval light-saber in the woods designed specifically for hunting white walkers, I mean, no, they’re not trying to tie into the popularity of Game of Thrones, what? Trust J.J. to leave no pop-culture stone unturned as he launches The Force Awakens into the stratosphere. Can’t wait!

Glenn Walker: The trailer is really more of a teaser, and tease it does. It hits the right notes and get us hyped for what is to come. J.J. Abrams is counting on the years between then and now, as he’s showing off cutting edge cinematography and quick cuts, blending it all with our own inner child full of nostalgia to do the rest. Is it just me or every time the Millennium Falcon soars upward onto the screen, there’s cheering inside my head? I bet it’s in the theaters too. Unlike the prequels to Star Wars, for this one, I am all in. Bring it on!

Amanda Blue: I haven’t watched any of the “new” Star Wars films and I never will.

Marie Gilbert: I’m so ready for Star Wars even though the prequels were sometimes hard to swallow, the essence of Star Wars will never die. Give me a light saber and I’m in for the long haul.

Andy Burns: In 88 seconds, J.J. Abrams managed to make the world of Star Wars feel more real than the Prequel trilogy ever did. It’s easy to hate on those movies, though I do rank Revenge of the Sith as a fairly good film, so returning to a more tangible, less CG world is exciting. December 2015 can’t come quick enough.

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