American Horror Story: Freak Show S04 E06: Bullseye


On last week’s episode of “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” the definition of landscaping had taken on a totally new meaning at the Mott’s estate of horrors. Stanley has his eye on the prize specimen and he’s cooking up more than pastries in this episode. Desiree will need to find a new doctor and Elsa wants to breathe some danger into the acts. Who will win the short straw?

New Act

Elsa is preparing for her shot as a television star by bringing back an old act; the spinning wheel. Ethel and the others are led to believe that the twins had left of their own, but we all know that the jealous Elsa dumped them at the Mott’s estate of horror. Ethel reminds Elsa that it’s her birthday and the gang want to celebrate. Did Stanley make the cake?


All the performers give presents to Elsa, but the strangest gift was the one given by Eve. Ma Petite (Jyoti Amge) is wrapped in a cuddly blanket as a gift. Elsa uses Ma Petite as if she were a little dolly or a teddy bear to be hugged while she sleeps. I love Ma Petite. We don’t get to see enough of her and we don’t know how she became part of the side show.

What surprised me tonight was that Paul (Mat Fraser) and Elsa are friends with benefits. Paul is playing with fire. While he’s busy satisfying Elsa, he also has a sweetie back in town. Let’s hope that Penny’s dad doesn’t find out. When Paul questions Elsa about the twin’s disappearance she gets upset. Everyone is upset. The twins were loved by the other performers. Elsa decides to try out her new knife throwing act on Paul.

The Motts

I’m pretty sure that if you pull up the dictionary definition of the word ‘dysfunctional,’ you’ll find a photo of Dandy and Gloria Mott next to the word. I’ve actually encountered mothers like Gloria. They prevent their sons from becoming men. Keeping them tied to their apron strings, they keep their sons from maturing. Dandy is a sociopath and he knows it. He tells his mother that his purpose in life is to bring death, but he loves Dot and Bette. He feels normal with them and showers them with gifts.


Gloria blames the inbreeding for causing the strange illness that affects the Mott men, but I think in this case, nurture is just as much the blame as nature. Gloria is just as guilty of Dandy’s crimes as he is. While Dandy plies the girls with caviar, he begs them to tell their secrets. Dot is not as besotted with Dandy as Bette is and refuses to tell Dandy what she writes in her diary.

Dandy mentions the Brodie twins. This was a true event of fifteen month old boys, joined at the head, who had surgery done in 1951 which left one twin dead. Dot now has a plan. She’ll use Dandy’s money to get the surgery done so she can be with Jimmy. Bette on the other hand, is happy with Dandy.

Ma Petite

Stanley is pressuring Maggie to bring Jimmy to him. He wants Jimmy’s lobster hands for that museum. Maggie comes up with an alternative plan. She’ll kidnap Ma Petite, place her in a large specimen bottle and then fill it with formaldehyde.


I like Paul. He’s a romantic stuck in a disabled body, but no disability will keep him from living his life to the fullest. He loves Penny and he wants to get her a gift. While at the drugstore he sees Dandy buying makeup and headbands. He makes a big mistake of telling Jimmy and makes a bigger mistake of questioning Elsa.


Dandy blurts out that he killed Twisty, but Dot refuses to believe him or give up her secrets. After breaking open Dot’s diary, Dandy’s anger allows his monster to take over. It doesn’t take much for that monster to be let loose, just someone saying, “NO.” We can thank Gloria for that monster and for not getting her son professional help. Dandy is armed and Jimmy’s at the door looking for the girls.


Elsa forces Paul to become part of the knife throwing act. He knows too much. Why the other performers didn’t stop her, I don’t understand, but we did learn a bit more about the backstory of some of the performers and why they stay even though Elsa is a manipulator. Knowing that Elsa will hurt him, Paul still allows himself to be part of the act, but Elsa’s aim is as bad as her singing and Paul is injured on the spinning wheel.

The twins are missing and Paul is dying. Elsa pretends that she called for an ambulance; she wants Paul dead. Luckily, Penny shows up, but it might be too late. Ethel, who had believed Elsa about the twins, brings a slice of cake to Elsa with this birthday message, “If I find out you had anything to do with the twins’ disappearance, I will kill you.” Did Stanley make that cake when he made the cup cakes?


I guess you’re wondering what happened to Ma Petite. She’s fine. Maggie couldn’t kill her, but now Stanley is pushing even harder for her to kill Jimmy. Maybe we should introduce Stanley to Dandy… birds of a feather.

Good show tonight and we were privy to the underbelly of the side show and of dysfunctional families and it makes one wonder which one is scarier. See you next week, my little lot lice.

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