American Horror Story: Freak Show S04 E02: Massacres and Matinees


One of the highlights of last week’s episode of “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” other than that freaking scary clown was watching how different Bette and Dot Tattler are from each other. As twins, they share most experiences that other twins do, but conjoined; their experiences must be shared simultaneously and unwillingly and that my little lot lice, sucks. The side show performers did what was needed to protect the twins. Will there be repercussions?  Whatever you do, keep away from the clown.


It isn’t the news on the radio about the horrific killings or the missing child, that’s upsetting the carny folk, nope. It’s the two cops driving up the road. They’re looking for their friend. You remember Detective Bunch who wanted to arrest Dot and Bette. The cops are issuing a curfew, which plays havoc with the Freak Show making any money.


Later that night after a rousing song of “Kill the Copper, Kill the Copper” reminiscent “One of Us, One of Us” from the Tod Browning’s film Freaks, Jimmy (Evan Peters) and the gang make sure the chopped & diced officer won’t be found.

Dell Toledo

A trailer pulls in with two people looking for a job; the strongman, Del Toledo (Michael Chiklis) and his triple endowed wife, Desiree Dupree (Angela Bassett). Desiree tells Elsa that she’s three breasted and has a ding-a-ling. With that grand announcement, we fans know that this show is going to rock. Just watching Jessica, Kathy and Angela go back and forth and head to head is like watching three spiders claiming their piece of the web.


Ethel (Kathy Bates) knows Dell Toledo intimately. He’s Jimmy’s dad and he’s a bum. While Desiree seems to fit in easily with the other carnies, Dell Toledo ruffles a lot of feathers. He’s a bully and wants to run the show. With the curfew started, there is only one way for the Freak Show to survive. Dell Toledo suggests doing daily matinees.


Forget the zombies, vampires and aliens because Twisty the clown (John Carroll Lynch) has to be one of the scariest monsters ever. I can’t wrap my mind around his appearance. He’s like a misshapen jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces. Twisty the clown is taking advantage of the curfew by dropping into the town’s toy store. Just follow the trail of blood to the clown. But, as scary as Twisty is; there is someone more evil.

The Motts

Twisty may have met his match with the looney Motts. Gloria (Frances Conroy) baby’s her sonny boy, Dandy (Finn Wittrock). Dandy drinks his scotch from a crystal baby bottle. Give me a break. This is one hell of a dysfunctional family and Dandy has a sick hobby. He likes to torture and cut up small furry things. Gloria is okay with this because, “Dandy only does it when he’s bored.” What? Dandy runs away to join the circus and Gloria hires Twisty to entertain her son.


As scary as Twisty is, it was hilarious to watch his expression when Dandy did a puppet show for him. You could almost read his thoughts, “This guy’s crazier than me.” Twisty has enough of the Motts and takes off, but Dandy follows.


It seems that Dell Toledo was right about the matinee. People will come out during the day if there’s a curfew and it’s the only way to see the show. As the tent begins to fill with paying town folk, Jimmy tells Elsa that he is the one who killed the cop. He wants Elsa to get rid of Dell Toledo.


Bette and Dot (Sarah Paulson) practice singing, but it is Dot who shines as she belts out a love song. Bette is not happy playing backup singer. Both girls have a crush on Jimmy and I see trouble down the road because of this.


The clown hasn’t hurt the girl or the boy, yet. In fact, Twisty brought back a gift from the toy shop; a windup robot and the storekeeper’s head. When the girl and boy make a break for it, it’s Dandy who helps to drag them back to the school bus. Dandy’s found a new playmate and new things to torture.


Birds of a feather… Dandy and Twisty are working as a team and although I suspect Twisty to be the sicker of the two, I think Dandy is the more vicious. Dell Toledo was using the freaks for his own purpose, but Jimmy’s plan to get rid of him backfires when the cops arrive with a search warrant. Elsa makes a bedside visit to chat with Bette while Dot sleeps. I was not expecting Elsa to turn Bette against Dot. It made no sense, not until she leaves a gift under Bette’s pillow.


In the end little Meep is blamed for the cop’s murder; the badge found under his bed. The Meep’s been framed. You get to know the good guys from the bad right away in tonight’s show. Jimmy is the stabilizing force in this motley group of carneys. He’s the one that looks out for the others and wants his friends to be treated as normal, but he’s got to get rid of Dell Toledo first.

Jimmy may be a freak, and yes, he is a murderer, but he cares for his friends. His concern for little Meep surviving the night in jail is solved when a body is dumped from a speeding pick-up. Elsa’s gift to Bette will destroy any love the twins have for each other. Don’t do it, Bette.

See you next week, my little lot lice, and watch out for Dandy. That is one sick dude.

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  1. I knew Angela Bassett would play something weird (Loved her last season!). And then she opened her dress and THERE IT IS! Haha xD

    1. Yep, there it is!! and I have people who never watch American Horror Story, tuning in now. I think the cast and the writing are going to wins lots of awards this year

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