Sleepy Hollow S02 E04: Go Where I Send Thee


Hello to all my sleepy heads. On last week’s episode of “Sleepy Hollow” we watched as Team Ichabod stopped the Judas Coin from causing havoc, but tonight’s trouble comes from a demonic character of an old fable and the children of Sleepy Hollow are not safe. Can Team Ichabod save the day?

Jinba Ittai

Ichabod (Tom Mison) has dealt with many horrors in his life: headless horsemen, demons, a son who is one of the biblical riders of the apocalypse and a wife who is a witch, but want to know what really scares the stuffing out of him; driving a car. Driving is not his forte, but he wants to learn. Ichabod takes Abbie’s advice to become one with the car and does his own version of the Japanese art of Jinba Ittai. Was Abbie impressed? She kicked Ichabod out of the car.


Ichabod is also learning about the many apps on his smart phone when an Amber Alert comes in. Abbie (Nicole Beharie) explains that the alert signals a missing child. They head out to the Lancaster home to interview the parents of the missing ten year old girl, Sara.

The Lancasters

Abbie recognizes the mother of the missing girl. Beth was Abbie’s and Jenny’s caseworker back in the day. Beth’s ancestor was some Revolutionary hero, but Ichabod is not impressed. It seems that Daniel Forbes Lancaster wasn’t a hero, but a shrewd man who went with the flow and backed the likeliest winner of the war of independence, be it Patriots or Brits.


It seems that Beth, who had had four boys, all adopted, was finally able to have her own child; Sara. The girl was taken from the home while the family slept. Beth mentions a family curse in which a female child from each generation disappears as soon as they reach the age of ten. Abbie and Ichabod search the property and surrounding woods for the child.

Monster of the Week

Fox’s Sleepy Hollow has taken a clue from NBC’s popular series, “Grimm.” You need a monster of the week to keep the fans hooked. This week’s monster is the Colonial version of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. After Abbie and Ichabod find a flute made of bone in the woods, Ichabod begins to play the instrument leaving Abbie in a trance and heading into the lake.


After further research, Abbie and Ichabod learn that good ole Daniel Forbes Lancaster called forth a demon piper to get those nasty Redcoats out of his house and away from his daughters; too much hanky panky going on. The demon Piper led the British soldiers from the house and into the woods, but Daniel’s reneging on the deal to pay the Piper his reward, brings down a curse of his descendants. You remember that bone flute? It’s made from the bones of children. This is one nasty demon.


We met a new player in last week’s episode and he’s a stud muffin. I’m not sure if the scrumptious Matt Barr’s Nick Hawley is friend or foe, but he keeps showing up at the most convenient times, much to Ichabod’s consternation. Maybe it’s because Nick is good at what he does, or maybe Ichabod is jealous, but Ichabod makes it clear to Abbie that he doesn’t trust Nick.


I’m glad that Nick was written into the show. We need another strong character to play off Ichabod’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s the ever popular ‘sidekick’ ploy and in most cases it works. Two stud muffins; Abbie is one lucky gal.


The child is found, but the Pied Piper is able to escape by confusing our team with his use of sound frequencies. Thank heaven for earplugs. Nick agreed to help find the girl for a price. He has a buyer for the bone flute. Ichabod is against the deal, but Abbie solves the problem; break the flute.

Once, you engage a demon, it’s hard to get rid of them. Although the Piper threatens to kill Beth’s sons if Sara isn’t returned, Ichabod and Abbie take him down. It was really creepy seeing the small torso’s hanging from the walls of the Piper’s hangout.


Henry (John Noble) hasn’t been idle while our team fought the Piper. Remember that contract that Captain Irving signed? Irving pricked his finger on the pen while signing and now Henry owns his soul. Poor Captain Irving (Orlando Jones) can’t catch a break and I’m wondering if he will spend the entire season in the hospital. I guess you’re curious as to who bought the broken flute. Like I said, Henry’s been a busy bee.

See you next week, my little sleepy heads and I can’t wait to see the newest monster of the week. How about you?


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