Sleepy Hollow S02 E03: Root of All Evil


On last week’s episode Abbie got a new boss, Captain Irving got a wicked lawyer, Katrina’s rescue was a bust, but we got to meet a good monster called Kindred. Team Ichabod might want to watch their backs this week because the townsfolk are acting a wee bit crazy. Why? Follow me, my little sleepy heads, and don’t touch the silver coin.


Henry Parrish AKA Jeremy, the second horseman of the apocalypse, is all over the place. First thing on his agenda is to keep Ichabod and Abbie from talking to Captain Irving; lawyer, client privileges. Next on his list of things to do is drop by the bank. What is that man up to? Well he’s not there to open an account, but he does leave something behind, which causes a mild mannered teller to go postal. Although Abbie tried to calm the woman down, Reyes kills her.



Reyes is getting on my last nerve. We learn that she’s responsible for committing Abbie and Jenny’s mom to the psych ward, so why is she withholding all the information from them. When Ichabod and Abbie check through the bank’s security video, they realize that Henry left a coin behind right before the teller started shooting up the place. The coin has fallen into another bank customer’s hand and another senseless death occurs. Why does this coin have so much power? It was part of an ancient payment; thirty pieces of silver. Jenny has a contact who might know more about the coin.


Nick Hawley

We have a new player on the scene and I’m talking stud muffin. Nick Hawley (Matt Barr) deals in finding priceless objects for the highest bidder. Ichabod calls him a pirate. He might be a pirate, but he’s good at what he does, and ladies, he’s good to look at. Nick is instrumental in helping Ichabod steal some stained glass from the neighborhood church. The coin can’t be touched without a person being possessed by it. Ichabod tells the story of how Benedict Arnold turned traitor after finding the Judas coin. I’m hoping that we’ll see more of Nick Hawley because Ichabod really needs a few guy friends to hang with.


Abbie, unlike the ever faithful Ichabod, doesn’t believe that Katrina will turn against Henry/Jeremy. Henry is her son and although the relationship between father and son is strained, Katrina gave birth to Henry/Jeremy. The bond between mother and son is much stronger. Why else would Henry stay at the house where he was born? Blood is blood and Katrina knows this. This is the reason she tries to get Abraham and Henry to distrust each other. This is why I think Abbie is right about Katrina.


I loved the tit for tat between father and son inside the police station. Henry with his jabs about Ichabod taking him fishing revealed an anger that was more childlike than that of a grown man. Henry needs to get over his parents not being there for him. Parents aren’t perfect. Stop the whining. Henry somehow confiscates the coin from the Evidence Room and leaves it for Jenny, who is already pissed at the world, and her sister for picking up for Reyes. Jenny goes hunting for Reyes, who inexplicably leaves the police station to do her own hunting. This storyline made absolutely no sense at all and how did Jenny know where to find Reyes? This was the only weak spot in tonight’s episode.


Tonight’s episode touched on some very current subjects. The love of money is the root of all evil, and everyday, we see how people are putting profit before lives. The Judas coin changes people just like Bilbo’s ring changed whoever wore it. Possessions can bring out the worst in men. Abbey tried to explain same sex marriages to Ichabod, but our hero seemed to be a more liberal thinker than I gave him credit for. Love is love.


Reyes asking Ichabod if he had identification on him, to me, reflects the biggest threat we face today as citizens. He committed no crime; is a friend of Abbie and Captain Irving; has helped with a few police cases, but although he has done nothing wrong, Reyes hints that Ichabod could land in jail without identification. Imagine if a few greedy politicians used this ploy to keep American citizens from voting.

Tonight’s episode was about free will. Henry counted on the Judas coin to turn his enemies against each other, but Reyes gave Abbie the file on her mom, Captain Irving knows the survival of mankind is more important than going home, Jenny did not kill Reyes, and Nick Hawley returned to help Ichabod, which leaves us with Katrina and her choice. I think Katrina is right where she wants to be. See you next week, my little sleepy heads.

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