Sleepy Hollow S02 E02: The Kindred


Last week’s episode of “Sleepy Hollow” had Ichabod saving Abbie from Purgatory. This week, Ichabod and Abbie have to find a way to save Katrina, who by the way is being held prisoner by the dashing although Headless Horseman. Let’s just hope their plan doesn’t backfire on them. Will Captain Irving ever get his “Get out of jail” card? Grab your little noggins and follow me.


While Ichabod has nightmares about the Horseman using his wife Katrina to open the gates of hell, we get to meet Captain Irving’s replacement. Sheriff Reyes (Sakina Jaffrey) is one hell of a hard line, by the book kind of cop and, she has no time for demons, secret tunnels or headless horsemen. She’s dealt with the drug cartels. She’s none too pleased with Abbie showing up late for a meeting. Well, at least she doesn’t know about the Archives.


While Captain Irving was easy to work for; allowing Abbie to take off on her many adventures with Crane, Reyes not only expects Abbie to do the job she was hired for, but questions Ichabod Crane’s involvement with the police? “Do we really need a history professor to advise us?”

Reyes tells Abbie that she knows her from the past and that she was called to the childhood home on several occasions because of Abbie and Jenny’s mother. I have a bad feeling about this Sheriff.


Ichabod Crane wants to rescue his wife, but at the same time, he gets all puppy dog eyes around Abbie. Now, this is where I get confused. We all know there is something going on between Abbie and Ichabod; they have feelings for each other, but Ichabod is kind of dense and I think Abbie will have to take control of the situation. Ichabod starts talking about a special chapter in the Bible. I’m guessing he’s talking about George Washington’s Bible, because I’ve never heard of it. This Bible reference leads Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny to search for information on one of Ben Franklin’s experiments with electricity.


I never realized how talented good ole Ben Franklin was. Seems that Ben, using information from the bible, created a monster from many body parts… wait a minute… are we talking Frankenstein? While Jenny heads to the archive for weapons, Ichabod and Abbie go searching for Ben Franklin’s monster called Kindred; a monster that can fight the horseman. There is just want itty bitty problem. It’s missing a head.

The one thing I really enjoy about the show is the references to real places, people and things. Ichabod mentioned that Ben Franklin admired a man called Galvani. Luigi Galvani was real and worked on animal electricity. His work with frogs led to the discovery that he could make the muscles of a dead frog twitch when he touched them with different metals or the current from a static electric generator. It was this experiment that was mentioned by Mary Shelley and resulted in her novel, Frankenstein.


Captain Irving

Yes, he’s back! Abbie and Ichabod visit Captain Irving (Orlando Jones)and learn that the horseman’s head is in a safe deposit box at the bank. It seems the former chief is having a rough time in prison; inmates hate cops and the bruises prove it. Ichabod tells the Captain Irving to act crazy and get moved to the psych hospital because of the better visiting hours. What? Ichabod’s frustration with the chained pens at Sleepy Hollow Savings was hilarious. Why the hell do banks put the pens on chains? I never figured it out. They’re cheap and usually out of ink.


Jenny has been arrested by Sheriff Reyes. Darn! Reyes found the secret Archives. Captain Irving is receiving shock therapy thanks to Reyes and Henry is in trouble with Moloch, so the ball is in Katrina’s court, so to speak. She tricks Abraham into thinking there might be a chance for them. Will it work? What is Henry doing to that fountain pen and who is it for?


I don’t trust Reyes. Why would she threaten and then implement Captain Irving’s receiving psychotic meds and possible shock therapy. Why do this to another cop especially when he tried to explain about the demons. And, why the sly reference to Abbie and Jenny about their mother? I don’t trust her.


The Kindred monster put up a good fight, but he was outnumbered by the horseman and Henry’s magic suit of armor. The Kindred takes off on a horse and no one knows where he went. Where the heck did he go? Ichabod goes home empty handed because Katrina wants to spy on Henry, but she doesn’t appear that upset staying with Abraham… very interesting. Reyes’ plan to have Irving receive shock therapy is squashed by his lawyer. Yep, Irving has a lawyer and he has a fountain pen. What is Henry up to?

Tonight’s episode was great, especially with the battle between the Kindred, Horseman and Armor man. I do hope we find out what happened to the Kindred. He’s still has the Horseman’s head. See you next week my little sleepy heads; same time, same station.


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