Defiance So2 E12: All Things Must Pass

Defiance - Season 2

Well, my little Votans, this is a bittersweet post because tonight is the last for the season. Yep, it’s a two-part season finale of “Defiance” and I’m going to miss those wacky yet lovable townsfolk of Defiance. Last week’s two-part episode focused on the women of Defiance, both alien and human. They don’t take Shtako from anyone. Hell no! Who cares if civilization has collapsed like an old party balloon; The gals of Defiance can take care of themselves. The men, on the other hand, could use some help.

Love Is a Splintered Thing

Who needs divorce lawyers when you’re dealing with the Castithan version of The War of the Roses? Stahma and Datak talk business during the business of making love… but there’s not that much love shown during the coital conversation, and they end their lovemaking with taunts and accusations. While Stahma is willing to share her power; Datak is not. The argument is ended by a third party who kidnaps them and holds them prisoner inside a silo.


Pottinger is making a romantic dinner for Amanda. They bonded during that cave in from last week. He really cares for Amanda, and he thinks he’s found the perfect gift to win her heart. Revenge makes for a delicious dessert. He knows who killed Kenya and he takes Amanda to the silo and hands her a gun. A disgruntled employee has spilled the beans on who had poisoned Kenya. Amanda aims the gun at Stahma’s head.

Speaking of a splintered love, Pilar is back, and from the start we know we can’t trust her. She stops by the prison to chat with Rafe who’s taking the bum rap for Quentin. She wants to make sure he’s told the children the right lies about her disappearance. What’s her story? Seems she’s working for the Votanis Collective. Why? We don’t know, but she’s convinced Quentin to help her.



As Nolan does all in his power to get the critically injured Tommy back to Defiance, he has flashbacks to the day they first met. Their anger put aside on how things in Defiance should be run and what they each felt was the best for Irisa, these two men were friends. Tommy gives Nolan Irisa’s diary, which gives a clue on what is happening to her. Tommy loves Irisa, but will he bleed out before he sees her again?

Dr. Yewll

The good doctor been banished to the underground, but she’s not alone. Her dead lover is with her, but Yewll is no dummy and realizes it’s the ship, the Ark brain better known as Kaziri, who is trying to control her mind. Yewll pulls out the implant and escapes to warn the others of the upcoming free for all. I enjoy all the scenes with Dr. Yewll. She has a sharp tongue and sharper wit.


Totally controlled by Kaziri aka Irzu aka Ark brain, Irisa sits on a mountain side using her power to awaken the sleeping arks trapped in Earth’s atmosphere. They drop their cargo. Can Mordecai and Nolan get to her in time?

Conclusion and Spoiler Alert

The ark’s cargo is a weapon; hundreds of them sent to Earth to destroy and terraform. Their first target is New York. Pottinger may be confused as to why Amanda gave Stahma and Datak a temporary stay of execution, but Amanda’s a smart girl and she can bide her time.

Never double cross a Tarr! Stahma and Datak find a quick way to dispose of their disgruntled turncoat employees. Sadly, episode 12 ends with the death of Tommy (Dewshane Williams). While the heartbroken Berlin wants to kill Irisa, Nolan and Mordecai try to save her and the world.




Defiance Season Finale E013: I Almost Prayed

New York is toast! Yes, the city that never sleeps is destroyed and terraformed beyond recognition and the weapons are heading towards the town of Defiance. What else could go wrong? You’re kidding, right? Pilar gives new meaning to the term “mommy dearest.” Find out how.


Pilar (Linda Hamilton) is a head job. No, really the woman is nuts and proves this by arguing with Stahma. Pilar’s request to have Christie and Alak stay with her for a while is shot down by the suspicious Stahma. We do learn that Stahma, back in the days, was so poor that she worked as a maid and at one time cleaned Pilar’s toilet. Now we know why the animosity between the two.


Rafe has kept Pilar’s past a secret and maybe that’s why Quentin is so easily taken in, but when Christie and Alak realize that Datak is back home for good, they seek comfort from Pilar. When Christie and Alak are hesitant to visit a mysterious commune with Pilar; things go from bad to worse.


I’m really sick of this Kaziri/Irzu stuff and how it’s controlling Irisa. Mordecai and Nolan have a plan to save Irisa, but with the arrival of Viceroy Mercado, and Dr. Yewll’s claim that Irisa must be killed to save the world, a fight breaks out.

Pottinger once more proves his love for Amanda by defending her from Mercado’s verbal attack on her job as a temporary lawmaker. Amanda overlooks the fact that Pottinger and Yewll are working together and that Yewll was responsible for Clone Kenya.


Everyone except Nolan and Mordecai want Irisa dead. Berlin is so bummed out over Tommy’s death; she gets drunk. When she goes to the prison, she finds the guards getting ready to kill all the prisoners, Rafe included.


I hate when a show tries to squeeze everything in one episode. The show seemed rushed and nothing was explained clearly; at least not to my satisfaction. Berlin and the prisoners are saved from a certain death by firing squad when Stahma and Datak conveniently come looking for Rafe. Christie and Alak have been kidnapped my Pilar and Quentin and our three desperadoes head out to the rescue.


Nolan and Mordecai stop Amanda from killing Irisa. They then have to separate the two keys inside Irisa, but the ship aka Kaziri is playing mind games with Irisa. Luckily Irisa picks real Nolan over phantom Tommy. With the threat of total destruction gone, old St. Lewis begins to collapse trapping Nolan and Irisa inside.

While Dr. Yewll ponders her future in the town of Defiance, Pottinger and Amanda get it on to the song “Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down” by Robert Plant and the Band of Joy. Berlin gives a toast to her dead lover, Deputy Tommy LaSalle, and we, my little Votans, must wait until next season to find out what happens to Christie and Alak. Stay safe and watch out for the Votanis Collective.


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