True Blood S07 E10: Thank You


This has been a weekend of beginnings and endings here at Biff Bam Pop!. Last night we saw the series eight premiere of “Doctor Who” with a brand new actor in the title role, and tonight, we’re looking at the end of “True Blood,” yes, the final episode of the series is here at last. Meet me after the jump, for my review of the hopefully appropriately titled “Thank You.”

Bill’s Last Request

In the final pre-credits scene of the series Bill tells Sookie why he doesn’t want the cure to Hep-V. The disease has made him feel human he says. All that weird nostalgia, those flashbacks – apparently that’s feeling human to Bill. Bottom line he wants what’s best for Sookie, a life.

You’re killing me, Sookie…

And then there’s the crazy part, he wants her to use her faerie ball to give him the True Death. Not only will it free him, but it will also free her of her fae-ness. They’ll both be human. It would have been a much better scene had Bill not been using his pathetic soft sick voice. With it, the best this can be is bad soap opera.

Turning the Tables

Eric, sick of being pushed around and taking orders from Mr. Gus, perhaps tired of taking orders permanently, takes matters into his own hands. He releases Sarah Newlin, with Pam’s blood in her so she can be tracked and found later, then prepares for his ascension. Eric is much better at giving orders than taking them, he is after all a Viking.

Do NOT mess with Eric Northman…

The Yakuza is quickly and perhaps too easily disposed of, defanging the last cliffhanger of the series efficiently and far too easily. Yaks after Sookie, Eric takes them out in seconds, happily ever after. For as many great nostalgic moments we’ve had this season, there have also been as many cop outs.

Jessica’s Wedding

Having been turned before his human daughter was married, Bill was not able to give her away. When Jessica brings Hoyt around, he asks if they were thinking marriage. Yeah, I know, quick, huh? It’s very quick. Just as quick as Hoyt and Jessica getting together again, and likewise Jason and Bridget.

The perfect groom doesn’t remember his bride’s past…

This episode, against all odds of absurdity seems to want happy endings for everyone but Bill and Sookie, so Hoyt and Jessica agree to get hitched, that day. And, as if to prove what mad world Bon Temps truly is, Hoyt asks Jason to be his best man. And so with a pending funeral, we have a wedding.

Sookie’s Decision

Sookie searches herself for an answer to what she can do, or should do for Bill. Flashbacks with Tara and her grandmother, and hearing Bill’s thoughts during the wedding ceremony, as well as talking it out with her brother Jason and Reverend Daniels. Yeah, you read that right – Sookie was reading Bill’s thoughts. Perhaps there was something to what Bill said about feeling human.

What do you mean I have to go back to the X-Men??

As I watch this final episode, and ruminate on its title, I wonder if perhaps everyone will get a happy ending. What if Bill has become so human that her faerie fire won’t hurt him any longer? I can hope, can’t I? Sookie forgoes the ball as she doesn’t want to lose the faerie part of herself… and does Bill old school with a stake to the heart.

Poor Sookie, selfish to the end, and so deserving of the misery she has brought upon herself.


In the end we see that Eric and Pam took the Yakuza’s plans for New Blood for their own, as well as selling bloodletting time with Sarah Newlin in the dungeon basement of Fangtasia. And Eric is back in his throne at last, with Sarah slowly going mad as Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You” plays us out.

King Eric
King Eric

Then we see a heavenly Thanksgiving reunion in Bon Temps, including all of our happy ending cast, and Sookie as well. Everyone is happy, except Sarah Newlin. And presumably any fans there still might out there of Sookie and Bill, separately or together.

Final Thoughts

Two moments in this episode are representative of all the good of what “True Blood” is all about. There’s the wedding of Hoyt and Jessica, an interspecies love that might not be recognized by the United States of America or the state of Louisiana, but will be by God, because love is love. And there you have the show’s final stand on civil rights.

God is love.
God is love.

Then there’s Sookie’s chat with Reverend Daniels, and their wonderment at all the supernatural creatures that exist in the open now since vampires came out of the coffin. It’s not about difference or prejudice, but about how we are all God’s creation. And there’s a place for us all. Thank you.




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