Defiance S02 E10: Bottom of the World

Defiance - Season 2

Last week’s episode of “Defiance” had us rejoicing Kenya’s return, but alas, it was short lived and we found out that Pottinger and Dr. Yewll were in the business of making clones. Tonight we are treated to a double header, so let’s get to it.

Teenage Angst

Every parent knows that life is hell when dealing with an angry teenager, but when that teenager is an alien and she’s under the control of an irritating alien goddess, then a parent has to take drastic steps. When Nolan finds Irisa robbing an E-Rep facility of its terrasphere, he handcuffs her.

Nolan wants to know why Irisa needed the terrasphere. Her claim that the alien hardware will cure Sukar does not impress Nolan. I don’t know about you, but this Irzu entity is starting to be a royal pain in the derriere.

Ambassador Tennety

Olfin Tennety (Jane McClean) is back with two new husbands and she’s now an Earth Republic Ambassador. She’s in town to check the mines, but she has a vendetta against Amanda. It gets so nasty between the two ladies that Pottinger has to step in.

Defiance - Season 2


Nolan, Berlin, Amanda, Irisa, Pottinger and the Ambassador are surveying the mine when an explosion occurs trapping Amanda and Pottinger; Tennety is dead. Nolan and Berlin with the help of Rafe and his crew work their way through the rock to save Amanda and Pottinger. While Amanda and Pottinger bond big time and seal it with a kiss, Berlin and Nolan break up. Berlin’s no dummy. She knows. A woman always knows.

Nolan finds a Votan trembler. The mine accident was sabotage and the trail ends at the McCawley door. Did Rafe do this? He confesses, but only to protect Quintin. Rafe is arrested and Quintin waits for a special delivery.

Treasure Doll

Deidre Lamb (Kristina Pesic) aka Treasure Doll aka home wreaker wants Alak all to herself, but he’s in love with his wife, Christie. This doesn’t set well with Deidre who threatens Alak while in his home. She wants money to keep quiet, but this blackmail is witnessed by Stahma. When Stahma goes to Datak for help in dealing with Treasure Doll, there’s a price. Datak wants to come home. That is one deal Stahma refuses to accept.

Alak is not like his father in many ways. He truly loves his wife and is willing to put aside the old Castithan male tradition of girlfriends on the side. He may have temporarily stepped off that straight and narrow road with Deidre, but with a baby on the way; he won’t be doing it again.

Defiance - Season 2Irisa

Escaping in a truck while Nolan is busy with the rescue party, Irisa heads back to her alien friends, but not before tricking Tommy into bringing her the terrasphere. What is going on with this girl? What does she want with the terrasphere?


Pottinger was full of surprises tonight. He may be a manipulative peeping tom, but he does love Amanda. Not only did they kiss, but he was willing to die for her. I did not see that coming. Luckily for him, Nolan and Berlin arrive in the nick of time. I don’t think Berlin should have given up so easily on Nolan.


Quentin McCawley (Justin Rain) has betrayed his father. He killed the Ambassador for the Votanis Collective to save his mother. Unfortunately for us fans, Linda Hamilton only had a small role in tonight’s episode, but she had time to set Quentin straight, “Rafe is a good man.”

Irisa betrays Tommy after he brings her the sphere and goes as far as to infect him with the metallic tapeworm from hell. She uses the sphere to release the energy from the buried ark. I don’t think we can trust Irisa anymore.


Defiance - Season 2

Defiance S02 E11: Doll Parts

Deidre (Kristina Pesic) is deader than a doorknob. Thrown from the St. Lewis Archway to her death, the list of suspects is long and Amanda is made deputy. The evidence points to the Tarr family, but which one did it?  Get out your forensic kit and follow me.

The Deputy

I think Amanda makes a better deputy than she did a mayor or a Madame of the NeedWant. Nothing goes unnoticed as she and Berlin investigate the scene of the crime. It seems that Deidre was preparing a meal for two when she was killed, and since it was no secret that Datak was one of Deidre’s lovers, Amanda questions him.

Amanda is taking this case a little personal because she was friends with Deidre, and in fact, gave the girl some advice on holding on to her man. This is the first time that we hear Amanda admit that she should have held on to Nolan.


Stahma suspects Datak of killing Deidre and vice versa, but they’re both afraid that Alak will be blamed for the death when an incriminating tape of Alak and Deidre having sex is found. Deputy Amanda arrests Alak after finding the tape and Stahma does her own investigation after one of her servant finds the missing murder weapon, the microphone, under Alak’s bed.


Tommy isn’t himself lately. He’s been infected by Irisa. When Nolan arrives at Irisa’s campsite to bring her back home, Tommy attacks him. It is during this fight that Nolan realizes that Tommy has been changed and can heal from his injuries. Why is Tommy so mad at Nolan? The explanation given for this enmity at the beginning of the season never made sense.

The fight causes Tommy to cough up the metallic entity inside him, but he’s still able to remember images about the Kaziri (the buried ark) and Irzu. Irisa under the control of Irzu plans on destroying the world. It seems the alien goddess is pissed off because the humans destroyed their planet…she does have a point. Tommy decides to help Nolan get Irisa away from Sukar.

Defiance - Season 2

Food Walk

If you want your constituents to love you, then you need to feed them and tend to their wounds. A good leader knows this and Stahma is a very smart woman. On one of her trips she visits a Castithan man who is near death and worried about his young daughter being all alone. It is at this exact moment that we see firsthand why Stahma is the better Tarr. Her son has been framed and she needs a scapegoat… I mean, a volunteer.


While Berlin and Amanda search Deidre’s room, Berlin comes across one of Deidre’s sex toys. She doesn’t know what it is. Amanda tells her to wash her hands. I love this show! Alak is stuck in jail and if that wasn’t bad enough, his wife is now aware of his cheating ways. If Amanda thought she and Berlin had easily solved the murder of Treasure Doll, they are in for a shock.


Like I said in the beginning of episode 10, every parent knows that life is hell when dealing with an angry teenager. Nothing we do is ever right. Irisa is angry and she’s possessed by Irzu. Before Nolan and Tommy can get her back to Defiance, she breaks free and stabs Tommy. She has said some very hurtful things to Nolan and rejected everything he’s ever done for her, but when Irzu orders her to kill Nolan, Irisa refuses.

Will Irisa break free from Irzu’s control before Nolan is forced to kill her to save humanity from the Votan Rapture? Whatever caused the animosity between Nolan and Tommy is soon forgotten as Nolan fights to save Tommy’s life.

We suspected one of the Tarrs of killing Treasure Doll, but it wasn’t Datak, Stahma or Alak who did the deed. The Castithan father, with the missing microphone in hand, confesses to the murder in order to secure his child’s welfare after his death. Alak is released from prison, but when he returns home Christie explains why she killed Deidre.


Using the lure of a pleasant meal between friends, Deidre tried to poison Christie and cause a miscarriage.  Christie reacted like a mother bear protecting her cub. With Deidre out of the way, Christie framed Alak by putting the microphone under his bed. Never, ever piss off a pregnant woman!

Next week will be a two-part season finale and I can’t wait to see what happens with Irisa. See you next week, my little Votans.


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