True Blood S07 E06: Karma


We’re more than halfway through the final season of “True Blood,” and it seems like old times, as nothing is as it seems. Bill has somehow contracted Hep-V just as he and Sookie are getting along again. Interviews with the cast at this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con reveal some interesting tidbits. Over and above folks stealing Anna Paquin’s underwear from the set and selling them online, the word is that not everyone is going to get a happy ending in this season. Could Bill be next on the death list? Check out my review of “Karma” after the jump.

Vampires and Republicans

When last we left our vamps and food, Eric and Pam had just messily rescued Sarah Newlin from the Yakuza at a Ted Cruz fundraiser dinner. I bet Sarah Palin was happy she didn’t attend (although she was asked). Senator Cruz was vocal about it later, proving once again that some politicians will talk about anything even if they nothing about it, or have no context for it. Anyone who watches “True Blood” knows not to take it too seriously.

“Holy sun up, Batman!”

It should be noted that the Yakuza had no complaints. And they definitely got the short end of this stick. Eric tears through them like a hot knife through butter before he is forced to surrender because they’ve got Pam. Cowed, the baddies remove the pair to a skyscraper office with huge windows in silver chains. They leave Eric and Pam to greet the coming dawn in a deathtrap that would make a Batman ’66 villain proud.

Soap Sucks

Jessica gets the bad news about Bill by overhearing his conversation on the phone. She’s not having a good night, first losing her boyfriend James to Lafayette, and now this, the eventual loss of her sire. Bill tells her he’s okay, much to her dismay. Meanwhile Violet strengthens her hold on Jason, and Andy and Holly are troubled by their kids’ ‘closeness.’

“Now you stay away from your boyfriend, um, I mean your brother…”

Speaking of James, he goes home with Lafayette and Lettie Mae. Crazy Mama is as always hankering for vampire blood and gets some of James, hoping for a vision of Tara. Nicole is leaving Sam because the town is crazy. I keep waiting for something to happen. Other than Bill and Eric, the show seems like it’s in a storytelling holding pattern, and Bon Temps is looking more and more like Port Charles.

The Antidote

Eric and Pam talk their way out of their deathtrap and make a deal with the Yakuza, one man in particular actually, Mr. Gus, played by one of my favorite actors, Will Yun Lee. They’ll go after Sarah Newlin together. Sarah, on the other hand, with nowhere else to run, goes to her vampire sister, Amber. Sis is not happy, after all, Sarah made her sick indirectly. It’s more likely that Amber will kill her rather than help her, especially after Sarah claims she’s a new person, born again if you will (sorry, the pun was too good).

“Yoga made me a new person…”

That’s when Sarah pulls out the big gun. Not only is she a new person, she’s ‘the antidote.’ Yep, she’s the antidote to the Hep-V virus. She claims, and I put that in italics because I don’t believe her, that there was an antidote, and while her concentration camp was coming down around her last season, she drank it all. It’s in her blood, and it’s all Amber’s for the taking. When Eric, Pam and Mr. Gus show up later, Amber appears cured, but Sarah is nowhere to be seen. I still don’t believe that snake.

The Waiting

Bill goes to see a lawyer and it’s so surreal, it’s almost as if it’s from Terry Gilliam movie. It could be months to hours before he’s seen. I’ve done my share of time in doctors’ waiting rooms but this is just messed up. His symptoms are accelerated, which is more than a bit alarming. Could it be from mixing with faerie blood?


Jessica meanwhile is trying to get Sookie in in the loop that Bill is dying, by calling Jason, and throwing his relationship into chaos. You do not want to get Violet mad at you. Of course the real bad news of Sookie finding out Bill has Hep-V is the possibility that she’s infected too. She gets tested at a human doctor’s office, demonstrating the difference between the infected and the ‘norms.’ As it turns out, Sookie is not only infected, she infected Bill. As the episode’s title and closing song by Lady imply, perhaps they deserve it.

Visions and Revisions

Both hopped up on V, Lafayette and Lettie Mae have a vision quest together where they see Tara up on a cross all in white and she’s speaking in tongues. Lettie Mae has seen glimpses of this before, but what does it mean? Other than the obvious, that is, that Rutina Wesley is back on the show. She buds them to follow, but the Reverend pulls them both out of their hallucination. More soap opera ensues as they have words, and it looks like the Rev and Crazy Mama might not be together any more, but perhaps we’ll find out where Tara was leading them. I miss Tara, more please.


When Bill finally gets in to see his lawyer, things get just a bit too real. The Vampire Rights Amendment was never passed, so legally, Bill is dead. Plus, progeny are legally children so Bill can’t leave his estate to Jessica as he wanted. He could if he adopted her. Sound familiar? Yep, it’s a journey down bad memory lane to the bad old days before gay marriage was legal. It may be the accelerated Hep-V forcing his hand, but Bill does what we all wanted to do this evil greed-fueled immoral lawyer – he kills her. I’m satisfied, but I’m sure there’ll be repercussions.

The Message

While the last episode went a long way toward getting viewers to remember the good old days of the series, this week seems to be dredging up some of the worse memories. When “True Blood” is at its worst, it gets preachy, and it’s doing it tonight in a big way.

"Seriously, this again?"
“Seriously, this again?”

The overwhelming theme this time out is equal rights, or more accurately unequal rights. We find more and more that some people are better than others. Humans, vampires, the infected, faerie, even more real divisions like race and sexuality are paraded across the screen. It’s one thing to be reminded, but another to be beaten over the head. Wrong kind of “True Blood” nostalgia, folks.


Next time, hopefully we’ll find out if Sarah is really the antidote; see more Eric, Pam, and Mr. Gus; watch Bill and Sookie commiserate quietly (I hope); and find out if Violet has a nice faerie snack. And was this our first episode this season without a character death? Perhaps we’ll get double next week.



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