Defiance S02 E03: The Cord and the Ax

Defiance - Season 2

Everyone wants to be the boss, but when you’re occupied by the Earth Republic; they hold all the cards. While Datak and Dr. Yewll waste away in the E Rep’s prison, Stahma butts head with Pottinger. Nolan is the lawmaker again. He has a new sidekick, Berlin, and a new love interest, Amanda. Is anyone keeping an eye on our little walking time bomb, Irisa? Let’s find out, on this week’s episode of “Defiance,” my little Votans.

Oh Baby, Baby!

While Datak confides in Dr. Yewll that his loving wife, Stahma, might not be working as hard for his release as she should, the despicable Pottinger is using Yewll’s severed finger to get into the Dr. Yewll’s safe.

Alak has a new employee at his radio station. Her name is Treasure Doll and when she’s not doing tricks at the NeedWant, she’s playing DJ. Treasure Doll has the hot’s for Alak and wants to know if he’s as good as dear old dad. Alak turns her down and she lets him know that everyone thinks he killed Skevur. That’s not good. What if Pottinger finds out?

Defiance - Season 2

Rafe is preparing a family dinner for Christie’s husband and Stahma, but when the guests arrive; Stahma starts sniffing Christie. No my little Votans, Stahma wasn’t hinting that Christie smelled, she had guessed the girl’s secret. There is a new Tarr on the way. Heaven help the town of Defiance. Alak is going to be a daddy!

A Father’s Lament

Alak is overjoyed about being a new daddy, but he’s torn in three different directions: Rafe wants him to get out of the gangsta business; Stahma wants to run the business without Datak; Daddy dearest wants out of jail and he is not too happy with a lowly woman running the business. “But the profits are up,” counters Alak. I like Alak. In spite of his genetic heritage, Alak is basically a good kid, but if and when Datak is let out of jail, Alak may have to protect Stahma.


Nolan is a wonderful dad, but he has no idea what is going on with Irisa. He doesn’t understand the visions and Irisa isn’t talking. I don’t know who or what Irzu is but she is making Irisa do bad things. Irisa is forced to kill Rafe’s housekeeper, Bertie (Jessica Nichols). We don’t know why, it’s not explained, and that drives me crazy. Irisa drags Bertie’s body into the woods and buries it. Irisa has to act cool and play dumb about the missing Bertie, but Nolan has a feeling that she is somehow involved. Berlin (Anna Hopkins) and Irisa are going through the surveillance tapes, but before Irisa can be seen on the video, Irzu causes the screens to explode. Irisa leaves town.


This man likes to play both sides of the net. When he’s not spying on Amanda via the hidden camera, he’s cutting off fingers and breaking into safes. He has learned that it might be wise to give Dr. Yewll a ‘get out of jail’ card, but she needs an assistant. Now, I wonder who that can be.


Even though Pottinger stopped Stahma from selling the adreno to her customers, he freely shares the drug with Amanda, who is hooked. Even though Stahma and Amanda are not the best of friends, Pottinger’s actions and favoritism towards Amanda might make our two ladies, enemies. Does Pottinger really believe that Nolan will stay away from Amanda just because he says so?



We don’t get to see enough of this interesting character, and that is a big shame. Sukar (Noah Danby) is living a hermit’s life ever since he came back from the dead. His people fear him, calling him “The devil woken” but it was the razor rain and the nanites that brought him back and helped him to heal. Irisa goes searching for Sukar, but after she finds him, she allows something to pass from her mouth and enters his. What the hell was that? Irisa is so distraught over Bertie’s death and what she just did to Sukar, that she takes a rifle and shoots herself. No really! She shoots herself, but Irzu has plans for Irisa.


Irzu (Katie Douglas) will not allow Irisa to die, but what are these visions that Irisa has while healing? Who were those two aliens on the ship and what do they have to do with Irisa? I don’t know what that creature was that came out of Irisa and went into Sukar, but it’s spreading. The good news is that Bertie is alive, but with no memory of what happened. I hope we get to see more of Sukar.


Nolan’s finding the bloody gloves among Irisa’s things has him and Rafe out searching for her. Nolan is still in the dark about the things happening to Irisa, but like a good dad, he stays with her until she falls asleep before heading out to help another female in dire need of saving.


While Stahma and Alak bathe, Datak comes home. The dirt encrusted Datak enters the pristine bathtub, while his family watch, stunned. Holy Shtako! I knew that Datak was a creep, but I never expected him to try and drown Stahma. Luckily for Stahma and us, Alak was able to stop him. A brutal husband is bad news, be he human or alien.

See you next week, my little Votans, and you better starting knitting those little booties. Have a great 4th of July.



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