Defiance S02 E02: In My Secret Life


“The Sopranos” had Tony, but “Defiance” has Stahma and to tell the truth; she’s scarier. Like a black widow spider, Stahma casts her web and entangles all, even her son. There are plots within plots in tonight’s show and we meet a new character. Grab your towel and join me at the baths.


Sometimes going back home, sucks. Nolan tries his best to talk Irisa into heading to Antarctica and not Defiance, but she’s not budging except to hit the gas and go crashing into the arms of the newest character on the show. Jessica Berlin Rai (Anna Hopkins), a female E Rep officer and documentarian of propaganda films to portray the Earth Republic as good guys. She’s a stickler for rules and likes to throw her weight around, which is interesting because she’s an itty bitty thing with a big grudge.


Irisa is arrested and Tommy, who’s been playing the lawkeeper since Nolan and Irisa vanished, gets a chance to find out where and what Irisa’s been doing for the last year. She tells him about the weapon inside her. Why did Irisa feel more comfortable telling Tommy about the weapon and not Nolan? We know Tommy likes her, and she him, but Nolan is the one I would trust.

Defiance - Season 2

Nolan has no idea what’s been going down in Defiance since he’s been gone, but he’s finding out fast. Amanda is his first surprise. She not only runs the NeedWant and wear’s her sister’s sexy clothes, but she seems to have Pottinger’s (James Murray) ear. In order to get Irisa released, Nolan has to become the Lawkeeper again. His first day on the job, someone sets off a Shrill bomb made from lethal parasites.


Poor little Christie (Nicole Munoz) must share bath time with Alak (Jesse Rath) and his mother. Talk about uncomfortable. This is not a friendly meeting and there are no rubber duckies. Stahma (Jaime Murray) is laying down the law of the land to her son, while flaunting her power and bodily parts to Christie. Stahma, you’re a wicked woman, and yet, we love you all the more. Christie suspects that Alak is too weak to stand up to mother dearest and she’s right. Alak is a good kid, but good kids make lousy mob bosses.

Stahma knows how to play rough and she does what needs to be done to keep her drug business going, but Pottinger is no comrade of hers and threatens to send Datak back home if she doesn’t stop selling Blue Devils. The look on Stahma’s face when she thought that Datak would be sent home, spoke volumes. This is when you realize that Stahma was always the brains in that family, the more cunning and the more deadly. She tells Pottinger “No Thanks.” But, our spider has made enemies.

Defiance - Season 2

Cell Mates Forever

Datak and Dr. Yewll are not happy campers, but I feel sorrier for the doctor. Yewll has to listen to Datak bitch and moan about not being the big Shtako in prison. While Datak makes plans to escape, Pottinger interrogates Dr. Yewll about Irisa. Pottinger enjoys his job a little too much and he’s not hesitant to sever one of Dr. Yewll’s fingers when she doesn’t tell him what he wants to know. Datak and one of the other prisoners plan on killing Pottinger as he leaves the prison, but there’s a hitch.

Defiance - Season 2


I can’t get a feel for this new character. Berlin and Nolan are forced to work together in finding the person who set the explosion that killed three people. While checking the surveillance tapes, we learn why Berlin joined the E Reps and we start to see another side to her. Their investigation leads them to the mines and Rafe. Nolan and Berlin now have a name and when they track down Bradley and Skevur, they learn of a second bomb.


I always enjoy when a show has plots within plots and Defiance did not disappoint tonight. It’s not a good day for the men in the Tarr family. Datak sacrificed the other prisoner, killing the man to make it look like he saved Pottinger’s life. If he was hoping for a “get out of jail free” card, he was in for a shock. Pottinger, an evil man in his own right, guessed what went down. Datak won’t be going home.

Stahma has made a few enemies. Skevur wants her dead, but Nolan and Captain Sparky (Nolan’s nickname for Berlin) get to Stahma in time. Nolan defuses the bomb, impressing both Sparky and Stahma who gives him a welcome back kiss. Nolan is now the town’s hero. Stahma wants Skevur dead and she sends Alak to do the job. Will you please leave that boy alone!

Defiance - Season 2

Nolan, who is basking in his return as lawkeeper, decides to celebrate with Amanda. They get it on hot and heavy as if Kenya never existed. What they don’t know is that someone is watching. Pottinger has a sick hobby.

Irisa learns that Tommy likes Captain Berlin aka Sparky and Alak is forced to take a life. No one said the occupation was going to be fun.

I see a showdown coming between Stahma and Pottinger, but will it be held in the bath? Find out next week, my little Votans.


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