Orphan Black S02 E10: By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried


I’m still recovering from the last episode of “Orphan Black” after seeing Donnie and Alison get it on after the comedic but chaotic burial of Dr. Leekie in the Hendrix garage. And, who the hell ever expected Pro Clone Rachael to up the ante by kidnapping Kira. Rachael even fooled Felix. The war is on and Sarah is going to need all the help she can get to save herself and Kira. Who will win? Find out after you’ve placed your pieces on the chessboard.

Unconditional Surrender

Rachael is on a roll and she’s got control of the chess board, moving her pawns with ease as she banishes Delphine and places Dr. Nealon in charge of Cosima. I’m so happy that Scott is one of the good guys. He and Cosima build a weapon of sorts after Cosima receives a coded message. Will their plan succeed?


Nealon has met Sarah before, but she doesn’t remember because she was asleep when he took her blood. Sarah wants her daughter, but she has to sign a paper allowing Dr. Nealon and Dyad to take her eggs. What is it with these men and collecting eggs? They’re not the freaking Easter Bunny! Sarah signs the contract thinking that she’ll see Kira. Sarah sees Kira alright but only through a two way mirror. Kira is with Rachael.

While Mrs. S and Felix try to think up a plan to save Sarah and Kira, and while a nurse tries to cajole Kira into giving a DNA swab, Kira steals her phone and calls Cal. Seems Cal (Michael Huisman) is great at hacking into top secret programs and when he reaches Mrs. S’s home, he shows her what’s he learned from Dyad’s site, and let me tell you it’s a lot and it has to do with someone or something called Castor. What exactly does Cal do for a living besides hacking?

The military show up and lo and behold who climbs out of the jeep but Major Paul. Is he Castor? He wants to help. Do you trust him? I sure as hell don’t, but this is a night of surprises because we have another guest appearance when Marian Bowles (Michelle Forbes) shows up. She claims that she’s working for Topside. Is she Castor? Who knows, but she wants to help the clones. I’m very confused.

Side Trip with a Rook

The pawns are all over the place and the chess board is a freaking mess. Art Bell calls Felix to tell him that Helena is at his house and eating everything in the fridge. Felix tells him, “Keep feeding her.” Felix figures Helena won’t kill Art if she’s busy eating.

Gracie and Mark (Ari Millen) are running away. They love each other and they want to get married. How sweet. But nothing is what it seems.

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What is it with Rachael? She had a happy childhood with loving parents, but she claims she doesn’t remember, which explains her constant watching of home movies. The other clones each have their faults, but they are very protective of each other. Rachael is the odd man out with a heart as cold as ice and there is no love for her sisters. Rachael demands Ethan’s key to his cypher, but daddy dear has his own chess move. Checkmate!


Revenge of the Clones

Poor Sarah had no idea what she was signing away until she’s forcibly taken into surgery where Dr. Nealon wants one of her ovaries. Rachael is in a tizzy because daddy dear would rather take his own life than hand over the key to the code. Does Sarah have the code? It is at this moment that you realize Rachael is beyond redemption. She crushes the vials that contain Kira’s bone marrow; the marrow Cosima needs to live. What a spoiled brat! Don’t worry, with Scott’s help and the exploding nitrogen tank, Rachael receives a scalpel to the eye and Sarah goes searching for Kira. Marian Bowles is there to help mother and child escape.

Clones Only

After Art delivers Helena to Felix’s place. Helena meets her clone sistas. Felix sends Cal home before he and Sarah can do some steamy potatoes. Only clones allowed. I’m not sure how they do this, but the special effects are awesome. It’s party time and the clones dance together, but each clone is doing her own thing. Cosima knows she’s going to die, but she wants to dance until she drops. Later, while Sarah and Cosima talk about sacred geometry, Helena sneaks out to find the man she loves; Jesse. She never makes it.


Sarah goes to visit Marian Bowles and meets Charlotte, Marian’s adopted 8 year old daughter. Charlotte is a clone, who is somehow related to Kira. It took 400 tries to make Charlotte, but she has a defect. Marian wants to show Sarah what Castor is.


While Gracie and Mark are married in a chapel, Helena is taken by Paul and his soldiers onto a military plane, where we see Mark guarding the plane. What? It seems that while Dyad with Project Leda makes female clones, the military and Project Castor makes male clones. Sarah meets another Mark at Marian’s home, and he is a clone. Damn! Clones all over the darn place, but what’s going to happen to Helena?



Holy double vision! What an ass kicking way to end the season. I was not expecting boy clones. There is some good news. Kira has Auntie Cosima read her a story. It’s the book Ethan gave her and now Cosima has the cypher and the key.

“Orphan Black” has proven itself to be a top notch science fiction drama. Thanks to the genius of creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, the great scripts, and a cast that is right on. But, the kudos go to a young lady who makes each one of her clone characters become a real entity.  Tatiana Maslany has recently won the Critic’s Choice Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series. She worked hard for that award and her sistas were there to cheer her on.


See you next season, my little clone club.

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