Penny Dreadful S01 E06: What Death Can Join Together


In the last episode of “Penny Dreadful” we learned through Vanessa’s letters to Mina of the events that took place before Mina’s disappearance. Our trip through the hedge maze to witness Miss Vanessa’s possession by an evil entity, or was it only a mind plagued with guilt, was rather unnerving. Luckily for us, Vanessa seems to be in control for the moment. Our weekly visit to London’s past has led us down many corridors and to many a famous character, but in his search for Mina what hell will Sir Malcolm drag us, screaming? Walk quietly on those loose cobblestones and light your candle for our journey begins.

The Ladies

Brona is sick and near death. Ethan loves her and even when she warns him not to kiss her for fear that he’ll catch her disease, he kisses her anyway. Ladies, this man is a keeper. Brona gives Ethan her St. Jude medal to keep him safe on his travels with Sir Malcolm. Ethan will need that medal all right.

Episode 106

Vanessa is asked by Sir Malcolm to use her cards to see where the creature is hiding. The shock that the creature was hiding in Vanessa’s room has Sir Malcolm worried. As Vanessa spreads her tarot cards on the table, she hears the sound of water, a ship’s bell and screams. While she is telling Sir Malcolm her vision, Dorian Gray stops by to take Vanessa on an adventure.

Whenever Vanessa and Dorian are together, we are pulled into the cat and mouse game they play with each other. Their words have double meanings and even when speaking of the difference between photography and portraits, these two make everything sound so sensual. After Vanessa allows Dorian’s servant to take her picture she goes home, but not before agreeing to have dinner with Dorian. Later that night, while eating dinner Dorian and Vanessa speak of immortality, religion, customs and maybe her going back to his place to check out his portraits. Will these two finally taste the forbidden fruit? One can only hope.

The young actress that works at the theater where Caliban is the stagehand needs a new prop. She speaks so kindly to Caliban about his excellent working behind the stage and about her brother who was also burned badly in an accident. Does this rare kindness spark hope in the heart of our patchwork immortal? Does he hope for more than friendship from the actress he has admired from afar?


The Gentlemen

While Vanessa dresses lavishly for her dinner date, Sembene talks some common sense to Sir Malcolm. If Mina has been changed, there is only one possible outcome. She must die. Sir Malcolm fortified with the newest vision of Vanessa, has Sembene and Ethan accompany him to the London ports and to a ship that has been quarantined. They search for Mina among the nest of the sleeping undead.

Dr. Frankenstein meets with Van Helsing to talk about the results of Fenton’s autopsy. Van Helsing tries to explain to Victor what they are dealing with and why Sir Malcolm is unprepared for the battle. Showing Victor a copy of a Penny Dreadful, Van Helsing tells Victor the only possible way to make sure a vampire is dead; stake through the heart and off with its head.


Victor is almost comfortable enough to tell Van Helsing his own monster story, but he decides to save the creation of Caliban for a later time.

Caliban leaves a gift in the room of the kindly actress. It’s a book. But, sadly the girl already has a lover and our monster’s heart is broken. I know we should fear this creature, but I feel sorry for Caliban. He was made without consent and he is alone.

The Monsters

Sir Malcolm, Ethan and Sembene are attacked by the female vampires who strangely all look the same. A fire breaks out on the ship and Sir Malcolm is unable to get to his daughter or the Vampire. The Vampire has won this battle and Mina is still his prisoner. Ethan tells Sir Malcolm that it’s okay to lose a battle, and what counts in the end are the people you trust. Ethan tells Sir Malcolm to trust Vanessa. Good advice!

While Van Helsing (David Warner) and Victor walk through the streets of London in deep conversation about monsters, Caliban kills Van Helsing; snaps his neck. Victor is shocked, but Caliban threatens to kill anyone who Victor cares for. Caliban is tired of being alone, of waiting for love. “Make me a mate.”

Episode 106

Vanessa and Dorian finally make it into the bedroom. There is a knife involved, but we don’t care. They are beautiful together, but Vanessa did warn Dorian that she must never lose control; that something waits to come out if she does. How can you not lose control when in bed with the handsome Dorian played so deliciously by Reeve Carney? Vanessa is not made of stone.


Everyone has a monster of their own to fight. Some can be killed with a stake to the heart, others pacified with a mate. But what if the monster you fear lives inside you, hidden in the deepest part of your soul? What chance do you have for happiness? Vanessa feels her control slipping in the arms of Dorian and her monster emerges. She flees from Dorian’s bed leaving our Adonis confused and bleeding.


When Sir Malcolm hears Vanessa return home, he tries to tell her of the ship, Mina and the Vampire, but he’ll need to hold that tale for a bit. Miss Vanessa has been detained and is now levitating in his parlor.

Will Vanessa’s friends free her from her demons? Will Sir Malcom find Mina? Will Caliban have a bride? Will we ever learn Ethan’s secret?

We will have to wait until our next adventure my little pennies, but word to the wise, Caliban is seeking a mate.


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