Orphan Black S02 E09: Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done


Rachael throws a hissy fit, Cosima has a seizure, Alison has to clean up Donnie’s mess and Paul is missing. Last week’s episode of “Orphan Black” was one hell of a wild ride, especially with the introduction of the Tilda Swinton clone better known as Antoinette aka Tony. Will Kira be able to save Cosima? Will Helena become a day care worker? And where oh where to hide Leekie’s body? Please turn over your copy of “The Island of Doctor Moreau” and follow me.

Tool Guy

I want a neighbor like Alison. She may look the typical soccer mom from Suburbia, but Alison could fit right in with Special Ops. She can do anything. There is just one little problem. What to do with Leekie’s body. When crybaby Donnie (Kristian Bruun) huffs and puffs while wrapping the dead Leekie for the trip inside the freezer, next to the frozen carrots, Alison begins to lose her patience. Deciding that the freezer might not be the best place to hide a body, Alison and Donnie dig up the cement floor. Donnie can’t even use a jackhammer. What a wimp, thankfully, Alison takes over, quite expertly I must say. One wonders what she saw in Donnie.

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Vic the dick is like a fly around dog doo. You can’t get rid of him. He shows up at Alison’s home and after he’s kicked out, goes snooping near the garage and the future burial place of Leekie. Is that Donnie with a gun? Oh yes it is! Donnie and Alison question Vic who admits that Deangelis is hiding in the van. Deangelis has no clue what’s going on.

Donnie has picked up some pointers from his Terminator wife and has finally found his bazookas. He tells Deangelis to back off or else. After smoothing out the cement over Leekie’s final resting spot, Alison and Donnie get it on. There’s nothing like murder to light the flames of desire.

Clone Rescue

Cosima is dying and hopefully Kira’s bone marrow might save her. Rachael wants Delphine to convince Sarah and to make the deal a little sweeter, Rachael gives Delphine Leekie’s old office and position.  I don’t think Rachael had to bribe Delphine. She’ll do anything to save Cosima. I was surprised when Sarah agreed to the bone marrow surgery, but she does care about Cosima.  Mrs. S, Felix and Benjamin go with Sarah and Kira to the hospital. They want to make sure nothing happens to Kira. Best laid plans…


Did you expect to see Cosima, who is on oxygen, helping Scott and Ethan find her cure? But when you think about it, she is the best person to break the code imbedded in the clones. Ethan talks about Vigenere ciphers, but he won’t be giving his precious formula over to Dyad anytime soon.

Will Kira’s bone marrow save Cosima? We don’t know, but Rachael and her monitor Marian Bowles (Michelle Forbes) want Kira and Sarah. Rachael has videos of her childhood and she apparently likes watching them. Is that why she is so obsessed with Kira and Sarah?


Pastor and animal breeder, Henrik (Peter Outerbridge) is a frightening man. He reminds me of those polygamists in Utah who have communes filled with women and children at their mercy; scary. Hendrik implants Helena with her own embryos that have been fertilized by him. Think the guy has a god complex?

He makes the mistake of introducing Helena to the farm’s day care. The children take to Helena, and she to them. Gracie watches silently. I love Helena. She may be a mad hatter, but she is good with kids and doesn’t like people hurting them. When one of the women mistreats a child, Helena sets her straight.


We learn Mark’s (Ari Millen) story in this episode. He’s a soldier or was until he went AWOL and he’s in love with Gracie. Henrik is a mad man and a pig. He implants Helena’s embryos that have been fertilized by him into Gracie. When Gracie (Zoe DeGrand Maison) tells Helena and Mark what has happened, both are shocked. When Gracie and Helena try to escape Henrik stops them.


Rachael, of all the clones, is the biggest puzzle in this series. What is she feeling about the events taking place around her? Does she have any feelings for her duplicates? We puzzle over why Rachael allows Delphine to see confidential information on Benjamin, but our Queen Bee has a plan and Delphine falls for it. Felix is tricked into thinking he’s speaking to Sarah and then he’s drugged. Kira is taken.



Donnie and Alison’s marriage has been saved by the well-planned disposal of the most unfortunate Dr. Aldous Leekie (Matt Frewer) who I am going to miss. Let’s just hope that cement dries quickly.


Helena is a Super Clone. Henrik never expected Mark to protect Gracie after Henrik locked her inside the animal stall, but Mark came to the rescue and he and Gracie escape thanks to Helena. I could not think of a better ending for creepy Henrik than to have Helena put him down. It bothers me that what happened to Gracie happens in real life. Women and young girls in certain religions have no rights to their own bodies and they are at the mercy of cruel men.

Rachael has learned to play the game by pretending to be Sarah to get to Kira. Her genetic makeup, like the other clones, is a mystery, a series of codes and a perfect example of the Vigenere cipher, but what does this mean for the clones, for Cosima, for Sarah? Rachael wants to play Mama, but will Kira let her? You’ll have to check into Dyad next week to find out.


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