Orphan Black S02 E07: Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things


Who can our little sassy clones trust? NOBODY! Everybody has secrets, but these secrets can be quite detrimental to our duplicates. Can we trust Mrs. S aka Ninja Nanny? I don’t know, but what I do know is that Donnie’s a monitor, Vic is a spy, Delphine keeps info from Cosima, Paul is a pig, and Henrik likes to play God. Thank goodness our clones have Felix, but what’s his secret?  Leave your unpatented genes at the door to find out.

Secret #1

Alison and Vic are getting pretty chummy and Alison has even knitted him a pair of gloves. How nice! But Vic the rat wants to get Alison to talk. “Trust me,” Vic says. I’m surprised that Alison fell for this, but she did and she tells Vic about Aynsley’s lost battle with the garbage disposal unit. Vic’s reaction is priceless, but like the rat he that he is, Vic snitches to Detective Angela.

Alison overhears Vic talking to the detective and puts an SOS out to Felix. When Alison and Felix are unable to keep Vic from dropping a dime on Alison, they call Sarah. All this is going on as families begin to arrive at New Path for family day.



While Alison visits with her children, Sarah tries to get Vic to do the right thing. Hands up if you knew that Felix would come up with the perfect solution? Never underestimate the clones’ knight in shining leather pants. Felix spikes Vic’s tea and the fun begins.

Just when you think this scene can’t get crazier, Sarah is mistaken for Alison and has to do role playing with a confused Donnie while Detective Angela is searching high and low for Vic. Alison and Felix hide the tissue and sparkled decorated Vic in an empty office. Donnie finds Alison and Sarah together and he’s totally shocked. Could it be that he doesn’t know about the clones? Does that mean Donnie isn’t a monitor? I’m so confused.

Secret #2

Really, does Delphine have to hang all over Cosima while she’s getting her Gynecology exam? After the exam, Cosima overhears Delphine arguing with Scott. When Cosima learns that Kira’s tooth, and thus her DNA, was taken when Kira was hit by the car in season one, Cosima goes ballistic on Delphine and calls Sarah. Cosima needs something from Kira to survive. How about another tooth, Kiddo?

Secret #3

Dr. Leekie is afraid that Rachael will turn on him if she learns that her father is still alive so he calls in the big guns. It seems that Rachael does have someone pulling her strings and it’s her boss, Marian Bowles (Michelle Forbes). Wow, so Dr. Leekie is afraid of Marian Bowles and he should be. Remember Michelle Forbes played Maryann Forrester, a wicked Maenad in “True Blood.” She can be quiet scary. Dr. Leekie has every reason to be worried. Marian will not tolerate mistakes and she’s not too thrilled with Sarah’s constant interfering, either.


Mrs. S visits Leekie to set up the meeting with Rachael and Ethan. They make a deal, but we all know how good Leekie’s word is. When Rachael meets with daddy, she learns the whole sordid details leading up to her mother’s death. Will this make Rachael a nicer person now that daddy’s back? Ethan holds the files with the information to complete the experiments on the clones and everybody wants them.

Secret #4

Cal (Michael Huisman) is doing a good job of keeping Kira safe from Dyad, but he doesn’t understand Kira’s drawing of her ‘Aunties’ and when he tries to get an explanation from Sarah, she won’t talk.

Later, Cal is hacked while trying to find out about the experiments going on at Dyad, and he calls Sarah to tell her he has to go on the run again. I feel bad for Cal because he has no idea what Sarah is or what she’s running from, but there is no doubt that he loves his daughter.



Everyone has secrets. Secrets can be hazardous to your life. Delphine would have kept the secret about Kira’s tooth if Cosima didn’t overhear the discussion between Scot and Delphine. The fact that Delphine knew that this tooth was taken and used without Kira or Sarah’s permission is upsetting.

Sarah won’t tell Cal the truth about the Auntie clones and takes Kira away from him. Kira is one smart kitten and when she heard the Auntie Cosima needed another tooth, she did what she had to do. I have a feeling Sarah is going to regret taking Kira away from Cal.

Dr. Leekie and Marian Bowles were worried that Rachael would not remain loyal after she learned that daddy was alive. But, the joke was on Dr. Leekie and on us when we realized that Rachael and Marian are both Ice Queens and on the same page. Dr. Leekie is given his pink slip and a warning.


Donnie was under the false impression that he was part of a Social Metrics study and is really pissed at Leekie for the midnight probing of Alison. What I never expected was for Donnie to force Leekie into the car, but he did. I didn’t expect Donnie to have a gun, but he did. What I did expect because of the comedy routine with Alison, Vic, Felix and Sarah was for someone to get hurt with the gun. Goodbye Dr. Leekie. You will be missed.

See you next week when Sarah and the Auntie Clones strike back.



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