Bates Motel S02 E06: Plunge


White Pine Bay is a hotbed of sex and drugs. On the last episode we see that Sheriff Romero is camping out at the motel, not that his presence will stop any illegal activities. Emma is in love and in bed with a boy whose lifelong dream is to own a pot farm. Cody is up a tree with Norman and Norma’s motel is safe for the moment thanks to pocket gophers. Zane is a nutcase with a list of rival gangs lining up to kill him and Dylan is injured protecting Zane. Dylan meets the big boss, Jodi Wilson. Raise your hands if you think Dylan will sleep with Jodi. Find out after the jump.


Berman, the councilman pushing for the bypass is dead. We all know that his death was no accident, but his death leaves his seat on the town council open for takers. Christine thinks Norma should try out for the seat. Norma as a politician! That seems so wrong, but oh so right. Norma wants the job, and believe me, she’d be a better politician than the clowns in Congress.


George the hunk comes over to giver Norma some legal advice. He’s a “Matlock” type of lawyer and tells Norma that if she wants to win the seat, she should just be herself. Really? Norma takes the plunge into the political world and starts practicing for her meeting with the Mayor. When Norma meets with Mayor Rob Woodruff, he’s more interested in her friends, especially Mr. Ford.

Sheriff Romero looked very dashing dressed in a suit, but he tells Norma that she should lower her shades at night. He can see her undressing. Embarrassing! But… why do I get the feeling that Norma wasn’t the least bothered by this. Sheriff Romero better be careful, he knows what happened to the last lawman that slept with Norma.

Norman’s Girls

Cody is a wild child, and Norma makes sure that Cody knows she doesn’t like her. Norman and Cody sneak off to the woods to make out, but they are surprised by Emma and Gunner who are also there looking for a make-out site. The kids decide to skinny dip. Norman is laughing and joking around with the others. Sometimes, when Norman is with kids his own age and having fun, you forget there is something very wrong with him. Freddie Highmore is so good at acting troubled. It takes real talent to act crazy and still be a cutie pie.


Earlier that day, Norman had another blackout while hiding from Cody’s dad. It’s just a flashback of toddler Norman, but we get just enough to know that something very bad happened. When Emma takes a plunge into the lake she almost drowns. I never expected Norman to be her rescuer, but he not only saved her, he lost his temper with Gunner and Cody for coaxing Emma to jump. Norman is so protective of Emma, but would he hurt her if she pissed him off. What do you think?

Norman is all excited about getting his driver’s license. He won’t need mother to drive him around town, but best laid plans and Cody interfere. Cody is worried after Norman freaked out at the lake and she tells Emma about the blackouts. Emma makes a phone call.

new boss

Dylan’s Promotion

When Dylan’s big boss, Jodi Wilson (Kathleen Robertson) picks him up from the hospital, you know they are going to wind up in bed together, and they do. I guess this is part of the benefit package that the White Pine Bay’s drug cartel offers its employees.

Jodi is the brains behind the multi-million dollar pot business, and she’s also quite good at growing her own stash back at her modest cottage in the woods. With twenty different varieties, you know she’s growing the good stuff. Cheech and Chong would be so proud of her. There’s just one itty bitty problem; Zane. She wants Dylan to spy on Zane and make sure the business runs smoothly.


How does Councilwoman Bates sound to you? Yep, Norma got the job, but did she make an enemy of Ford? Norma will learn soon enough that politics is deadly. And speaking of deadly, Cody should have kept Norman’s secret a secret. After Emma calls Norma, the domino effect begins: Norma tells the driving instructor that Norman is having blackouts; no license for Norman. Norman confronts Cody; wakes up dad. Dad hits Cody; Norman kills dad.


I have no idea what will happen to Cody or Emma for telling Norman’s secret, but for crying out loud, Norma could have handled the news of Norman’s blackouts without all that drama. She may have plunged Norman over the edge of no return, and Cody’s dead father is just the beginning.


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