Resurrection S01 E05: Insomnia


There’s a storm coming to Arcadia, but what and how is still unknown. On last week’s episode Agent Bellamy and Sheriff Langston captured Caleb Richards after his latest robbery. Caleb doesn’t seem a bit worried about going to jail. What does Caleb know about the returned? What secret is Agent Bellamy hiding about his past? How long before the Federal Government steps in to handle the returned. Find out after the jump.


In the real world, Bellamy would have left Arcadia by now, but in this series, he’s the guest that never leaves. Bellamy (Omar Epps) is hiding something from his past, something that went wrong on the job. A child was murdered and maybe Bellamy could have prevented it if he’d only gone with his instincts. Bellamy has a dream that the SWAT team takes Jacob. It might be a warning of what’s to come if the Feds get involved with the armored truck robbery.

Sheriff Fred (Matt Craven) and Bellamy try to get Caleb to tell them where he hid the money. Neither man wants the Feds to find out that Caleb is one of the undead. They might find out about Jacob. When Caleb (Sam Hazeldine) asks for a lawyer, Bellamy tells him, “Dead men don’t get lawyers.” Say what? Are there any lawyers in the audience to enlighten us? Caleb strikes back with a zinger of his own, “More are coming.”


The mad race begins to keep the FBI out of Arcadia. Everybody is looking for the bank money. Elaine (Samaire Armstrong) not only loses her bank job, but the deputies are tearing apart her house looking for the cash. I was disappointed that Ray (Travis Young) wasn’t in tonight’s episode. He knows everything. Bellamy’s plea to Elaine to help get daddy to talk finally opens Elaine’s eyes to what a loser Caleb was and still is. Everybody is afraid of the Feds finding out about the undead. I’m sure the town gossip, Helen (Veronica Cartwright) is already posting about the undead on Facebook and Twitter. Wouldn’t you?


Pastor Tom

Tom can fib to his wife all he wants, but we know that he is still in love with Rachael. He has his poor wife thinking that Rachael has left town. Liar, liar, pants on fire. Tom has forgotten to practice what he preaches. When Rachael has a dizzy spell, Tom rushes her to Maggie. Maggie (Devin Kelly) does tests.


Of all the characters on this show, Henry (Kurtwood Smith) shows the least emotion. Listen, if my kid came back from the dead, I would be jumping through a range of extreme emotional upheavals and yet, Henry’s emotions have been sort of… bland. That is until he looks through Jacob’s baby book. Do clones have the same fingerprints as their originals? That question came to mind when Henry looked at the birth certificate which included Jacob’s baby footprints.


Well, for now, the Feds have been kept out of Arcadia and away from Jacob. Elaine found the money and returned it to Bellamy. The test results are back and Rachael is pregnant. But who is the daddy? It might not be Tom’s. We now have a zombie/clone/alien baby on the way. I’d love to see those birth announcements.


When Bellamy goes to visit Caleb to tell him about the found money, Caleb is looking a bit under the weather. He knows things that he shouldn’t know about Bellamy. How? Caleb won’t need that lawyer after all. He’s vanished into thin air. Where did he go? Your guess is as good as mine. See you next week, my little zombie snacks, and start shopping for baby gifts.

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