Dracula S01 E10: Let There Be Light

Lady Jayne & Browning ep 10

Sometimes we humans are more evil than the monsters we seek to kill. In episode 9, Van Helsing was so set on revenge that he was ready to bash in the heads of Browning’s young children, and Harker, social climber that he is, has joined the Order of the Dragon. The cards are dealt, but with his comrades joining the dark side, is the deck stacked against Grayson? Find out after the jump.


While Grayson and Kowalski (Phil McKee) are busy preparing for the grand demonstration for the good folks of London, events are taking place behind the scene. The Order of the Dragon has a stacked deck and our Ace of Spade, Lady Jayne has brought in a man known as Loiza Scaverra (Marcello Walton) a special Seer with a special talent. This Seer has a vial of Christ’s blood and with it he can track down vampires. Does it work?

Marcello Walton ep 10 Dracula

Our Ace of Diamond, Harker is intent on ruining the demonstration that will herald the production of cheap and clean energy because of his jealousy over Mina’s attraction for Grayson; he finds a way to sabotage the machines. The big sneak brings in men posing as reporters, but they’re not there to take pictures. Their job is to foil the demonstration while destroying Grayson’s good name and business. I never liked Harker, he is a selfish character but played awesomely by Oliver Jackson-Cohen.

harker ep 10

The Ace of Club is held by Van Helsing, who after giving Dracula his latest treatment, plans his own version of disruption and revenge; it’s not pretty. While the men scheme and plan, poor Lucy is sick in bed. She can’t abide the sun and she’s looking kind of pale; Mama is worried. She should be.

Dead Man’s Hand

Things are not going so well for our little stud muffin. The Order of the Dragon is winning this round of poker and Grayson is playing the part of Wild Bill Hickok. Van Helsing destroys the equipment and the serum that enables Dracula’s walking in the sun. What is this man’s problem? Renfield is sent to fetch Van Helsing, but with dire results.

let there be light

With Scaverra’s vial of blood and a mirror, Lady Jayne and her huntsmen are able to locate and track down all the vampires in London and destroy them, but while Ninja Jayne welds her sword, Browning and his wife receive a package with a message; bring the ransom money or you get more body parts. Van Helsing has gone bat shit crazy. Browning, brings the ransom money to Van Helsing, but where are the children?

Harker realizes that the Order’s henchmen aka fake reporters have turned Grayson’s equipment into a bomb. Does Harker do the right thing and warn the innocent people who have arrived at the factory to see the electrical demonstration? Hell no! This is what I said at the beginning; people sometimes act worse than the monsters they’re hunting down. Luckily Mina has more integrity than the worm she was engaged to. She warns Grayson, but it’s too late. Grayson tries to warn the visitors at his factory, but there wasn’t enough time. The explosion kills everyone at the factory, but that doesn’t stop Lady Jayne from searching the wreckage for Grayson.

Conclusion and Many Spoiler Alerts

Lucy is a now a member of Fangs and her mother was her first snack; just rewards for the little wildcat. I don’t know about you, but of all the characters in this series that I liked the best, it was Renfield. It was very upsetting how the writers had Renfield killed so easily by Van Helsing. Not respectful at all and I’m pissed. Same with Lady Jayne, I didn’t like the way she died. This was a strong female character. She was the female version of the Terminator and I expected somewhat of a different ending, but we were cheated and she, quickly killed off. Van Helsing got his revenge but at the cost of two children’s lives. Who is the real monster in this series? It certainly wasn’t Dracula. Van Helsing and Harker are now vampire hunters who are intent on killing our little stud muffin.

Jayne & Grayson ep 10

Dracula turned his dead man’s hand into a winning hand with the Ace of Hearts. Placing a full house on the table; he and Mina are finally together. I’ve been cheering for this show to succeed, especially since it followed the hit, “Grimm.” NBC had the potential for a Royal Flush with these two back to back horror series, but “Dracula” and its star never raked in enough viewers. Will there be a season two for “Dracula”? I was hoping there was, but now I don’t know. I guess it depends on the ratings and Jonathan Rhys Meyers addiction problems, but in the end, I feel we viewers were left with the losing hand and totally in the dark.

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  1. It’s hard to tell who is the good guys.

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