Dracula S01 E09: Four Roses

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Last week’s episode was a real character study on the people surrounding Grayson/Dracula. Best friends are not always best friends, boyfriends can’t be trusted, and you never ever want to piss off Lady Jayne. While Mina was attacked by henchmen from the Order of the Dragon, Jonathan was fooling around with Lucy. Davenport’s been shot and Browning’s children are missing. The war is on between the merry men of the Order and Grayson/Dracula. When push comes to shove, who will Mina chose? Find out after the jump.


I love this man. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see enough of Nonso Anozie. In tonight’s episode, Renfield is the only one really concerned for his master’s welfare. Renfield tries to point out to Dracula that the attack on him and Mina was the work of one man; Davenport. It has to do with the portrait. The Order needed to know who Grayson loves. Dracula doesn’t listen; he wants revenge. When the police and Browning arrive at Grayson’s home with a bogus search warrant, Grayson overrides Renfield’s legal advice to stop the search for Browning’s children.

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Next stop for Renfield is to talk some sense into Van Helsing who is backing out of the business arrangement with Grayson. Van Helsing is not happy with Dracula spending all his energy trying to walk in the sun with Mina. Renfield is the only one with a clear head and no one is listening to him, but he’s not the only one with this problem. Lady Jayne is having even less luck talking sense into Browning who swears that Grayson is Dracula and is behind his children’s disappearance. I love when Renfield or Lady Jayne (Victoria Smurfit) is in a scene. There is passion in their acting, and you find yourself wanting to see more of them, but sadly, this passion is missing from the other cast members.


I think Lucy is learning firsthand what a jerk Jonathan is. He’s one of those wham bam, thank you Mam type of guys. I told you that I don’t like this character. Poor Lucy not only betrayed her BFF Mina, but she’s also lost the respect of her family. And, of course when you’re wallowing in self-contempt, why not spread the joy. Lucy tells Mina about her romp with Jonathan. Really Lucy, you couldn’t wait until Mina was discharged from the hospital? Mina sneaks out of the hospital to confront Jonathan. He blames Lucy. What a loser!


Every time Dracula kills someone, he gives a rose to Mina. She’s up to three. Dracula has been a busy bee, even bringing some friends to a game of pool with some henchmen working for the Order. While Grayson is getting all his ducks in a row, everyone around him is falling apart.

Dracula s01 ep 9

Jonathan joins the secret Order of the Dragon. I’ve never trusted secret organizations, very suspicious of the whole secret handshake thing. When Jonathan learns that the Order was behind the poisoning of all those children, Browning tells him, “God did it.” See what I mean about secret organizations. More upsetting is the fact that Jonathan was okay with this. Loser!

The medical examiner has cleared Grayson’s Experiment of any involvement of the mass poisonings, but the company is not out of the woods yet, not with Van Helsing and his trusty hammer.


Conclusion and Spoiler Alert

Mina finds out Lucy’s no friend and that Jonathan is a wimp. She asks Grayson if he loves her. His reply, I have debts to pay and retribution to hand out.” For Pete sakes, just tell her, yes. The war is coming to a head, literally. Van Helsing has decided to send out a ransom note instead of bashing in the heads of the two children he’s kidnapped. Someone has to take the hammer away from him. Browning has a priest from Rome up his sleeve… but Grayson has Lucy… and my little blood banks, blood is stronger than water.

Side note: If Van Helsing doesn’t last the season, don’t worry. Thomas Kretschmann will be playing the part of Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker, a high ranking official of HYDRA, the organization run by Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) in the new Avengers movie Age of Ultron.

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