Sleepy Hollow S01 E11: Vessel

Jenny ep11 Vessel

I’m always curious as to who or what the creature of the week will be on Sleepy Hollow. Although our rascally Headless Horseman is always a welcomed drop in, episode 10 introduced us to an ancient creature called the Golem. Poor Ichabod was left with a new mystery on his hands. It wasn’t right for Katrina to keep their son, Jeremy, a secret. Will Ichabod find out where the boy is buried? And, what’s up with Jenny? Is she just having a bad hair day or is it something far worse? Find out after the jump.

Tagging the Devil

While Captain Irving is trying to find out who is behind the threats to his daughter, Abbie has Ichabod try on skinny jeans. Nice!! Tonight is my kind of story; no ghost, but there are demons and those pesky nasty things are hard to get rid of. There are demons after Captain Irving’s daughter. He takes his daughter to a safe house, but we all know there is no such thing as a safe house; don’t we? The demon wants George Washington’s Bible. It holds secrets that can stop the apocalypse. Macey is the bargaining chip. The demon is able to jump from person to person with no one the wiser. How do you stop a demon? Jenny might know and so does any priest worth his salt.

Captain Irving ep 11

Abbie and Ichabod watch a video that the former Sheriff Corbin taped of Jenny. She was possessed by one of these body hopping demons and she didn’t like it. How do you know if you are possessed by a demon? Well apparently your eyes get all funky looking and your hair is in need of a good brushing. Jenny reveals to Ichabod that she’s purposely broken the law and gone to jail just to keep away from Abbie. Jenny’s afraid the demon might return; force her to kill Abbie.

Ich, Jen, Abe

Our crime fighting team has to find a special lantern; a French lantern given to Ben Franklin of the key, kite, and electricity fame. Only problem is this lantern is in the hands of some doomsday preppers and they don’t want to give it up. No problem; Jenny is good with guns.

Please to Meet You

I don’t know why the Rolling Stones song, “Sympathy for the Devil,” came to mind, but it did. Even if you don’t guess the demon’s name, Captain Irving actually did the right thing where demons are concerned. He called in a holy man, a priest and one who knows the steps of exorcism. The priest poured salt at the entrance of the room; why? Salt is used for purification, protection and binding of evil spirits by draining their energy. Unfortunately for the priest, it didn’t work this time. Detective Morales was used by the demon to get to Macey. Captain Irving and his wife get to see a possession up close and it’s not pretty. The demon wants that Bible. Possessed Macey forces Irving and his wife to the archives to find the Bible.



Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny arrive in the nick of time to save Macey. Surrounding Macey with salt, Ichabod turns on the lantern. The demon is forced back to hell, but Jenny is still frightened. I don’t blame her. I saw The Exorcist movie only once when it came out in the 70’s. I won’t watch it again. It scared the hell out of me. I was brought up Catholic where the Devil is not taken lightly. Just within the last few years, the Vatican requested more priests to be trained in exorcisms. Why? You got to admit there is a lot more evil in the world today. I do a series of prayers to protect me whenever I do a ghost investigation. You never know if that Casper is really a Satan, and yes, along with my holy water, crucifix and rosary beads; I carry salt. Watch the double-episode season finale of “Sleepy Hollow” next week. Bring the salt.

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