Ant-Man Casting Announcement


Everyone who knows anything at all about Ant-Man knows that more than one man has gone under that superhero identity. Since the announcement of Paul Rudd in ‘the lead’ of the film, there has been speculation about who exactly Rudd would be playing other than Ant-Man. Would he be Henry Pym? Scott Lang? Eric O’Grady? With this newest bit of casting, we now have an answer…


Michael Douglas was announced today as playing scientist Henry Pym in the big screen feature Ant-Man, with Paul Rudd as Scott Lang. So far information indicates no sign of an Eric O’Grady in the film. A considerable older Pym may lend credence to a plot rumored a year ago in fan circles that Ant-Man is a legacy character in the film. If nothing else, the presence of Michael Douglas does bring what some folks think is a silly idea for a movie (and a superhero) up quite a few levels.

Ant-Man will be directed by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead), co-written by Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) and Wright, and begins filming this spring. The film is set for release in summer 2015.

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