Dracula S01 E07: Servant to Two Masters

Mina Dracula, Two Masters

In our last episode, Dracula/Grayson, with the help of Van Helsing’s experiments, spoiled the Order of the Dragon’s plans to get rid of him, but Dracula might want to invest in sunscreen. Mina, did the nasty with Harker, and snubbed her BFF, Lucy. Not to worry, Lucy has a new friend; Ninja Jayne. Will the merry men of the Brotherhood find a way to rid themselves of Grayson and his eco-friendly, energy saving technology? Find out after the jump.

Beam Me Up, Kowalski

Grayson’s Energy Company is in a flutter preparing for the big public demonstration of wireless energy and Grayson’s chief engineer, Kowalski (Phil McKee), reminds me of  Star Trek’s Scotty (James Doohan), as he gets the power up and flowing. But, the Brotherhood of the Dragon, have men from Scotland Yard on the take and they plan to do all in their power to ruin the demonstration.

Dracula - Season 1

Harker learns that Grayson was behind the ruining of General Shaw’s good reputation and he’s not happy. I don’t know about you, but I never did trust Harker. He’s too much of a fortune hunter and he can be easily bought. He’s captured and brought to a meeting with the Order of the Dragon where Lord Browning makes him an offer he can’t refuse. Does he take it?

Dracula continues with Van Helsing’s treatments, but against Van Helsing’s advice, Dracula is fasting from human blood. Taking advantage of his ability to walk in the sun, Dracula meets Mina at the park and gives her some advice on patient care while they stroll in the sunlight. Later, our little stud muffin visits Ninja Jayne for a mid-day romp between the sheets. Jonathan Rhys Meyer must be working out because he is looking muscularly good.

Dracula - Season 1

Mean Girls

Lucy receives some helpful advice from Ninja Jayne; hurt Mina by taking Jonathan away. What is Jane up to? I’m not sure, but the next scene gets pretty heated when Jayne proceeds to demonstrate on Lucy just how this revenge can be accomplished. Wow! Lucy is a fast learner, and later, she uses what she learned from Jayne to tease Jonathan. Do you think Jonathan will cheat on Mina? I do.

Renfield ep 7


Renfield is sent on a mission; secure a priceless portrait at an auction, but was Renfield able to keep the picture out of the enemy’s hands? It holds the secret that can be used by the Order of the Dragon to hurt Dracula/Grayson. I love Renfield (Nonso Anozie). He is the perfect sidekick; loyal even if he has to sacrifice himself for his master.

Best laid plans

While Grayson has an orchestra play music for the patients at the hospital, one of the policemen from Scotland Yard is busy poisoning the milk meant for the neighborhood children. While Grayson dances with Mina, Scotland Yard comes in and closes down Grayson Energies.

Browning ep 7

Conclusion and Spoiler Alert

Things are not going well for our handsome vampire. Lord Davenport and his evil brotherhood have the portrait. Harker might be a traitor. Who does Harker serve; Dracula or the Brotherhood? Lucy is out for revenge. Will she really turn on Mina? Can Jayne continue to serve two masters? Jane will have to pick between Dracula and Lord Davenport. Dracula finally gets his much needed blood donation via crooked cop… but… he may have jeopardized all his plans for revenge because of his love for Mina; you can’t serve two masters.

NBC’s “Dracula” has found its mojo. I haven’t heard anything recently about Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ battle with drugs. I’m hoping that he’s conquered that particular demon. It’s a master that should be avoided at all costs. The show gets better and better each week and I find myself looking forward to Friday nights.

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