Biff Bam Pop’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Beetlejuice! The Cartoon Series

beetlejuice_cover“Beetlejuice!! Beetlejuice!! Beetlejuice!!” Just saying this phrase will take you back to the time when kid shows had fewer restrictions, still believed in teaching you morals, and were not 100% computer generated.  The cartoon series of Beetlejuice includes all those spooky characters you remember–like Lydia, the Goth 7th grader who befriends the ghost Beetlejuice, her quirky parents who are the brunt of all their pranks, Jacques the French skeleton and Ginger, the tap dancing spider– among the many other Neitherworld characters you’ll encounter while watching the 4 season series. Not to mention the main character, Beetlejuice himself, the beetle-eating, iconic black and white stripe suit wearing, blonde joker. He always gets into trouble and is the ghastly pimple on the face of the Neitherworld.

Their adventures, between the Neitherworld and the real world, give the audience a comedic-parody of everyday activities. In Season One you’re introduced to the relationship between Lydia and Beetlejuice, as they celebrate their one-year anniversary of being best friends. You quickly are swept up in Lydia’s rebellious side as she seeks out her Gothic haven in the Nietherworld, for which she would not have access to without the help of her “ghost with the most” bestie, Beetlejuice. They encounter worm welcomes, actual skeletons in their closets, and as many puns and play on words you can stand.

Season two introduces you to a whole new gang of crazy ghosts, goblins, and Lydia’s two geeky real world friends, Prudence and Bertha. The fellow 7th graders who help Lydia overcome the day to day mundane of their ordinary, adolescent lives.  Together their goal is proving the odd and abnormal always wins against their mortal enemy Claire Brewster, the blonde, make-up wearing, spoiled opposite of Lydia.

Season Three and four are much of the same, entirely entertaining with continued simple plots that only last the 22-minute episode.  The characters seem to be the only things that carry over among episodes, and you can easily pick it up at any point. As is with most kid shows, Beetlejuice has a very simple concept but is full of crazy antics and comedic satire.

For the holidays this is a completely original gift. If you have a knack for collectible items, and entertaining box sets this may be one you want to look into. The “hard to buy for” teen will enjoy going back in time and watching old-school cartoons, with a funky back-story, and out of the ordinary story lines. And, like myself it’s a very entertaining warp back in time to when I was a kid watching the episodes after supper. Get ready, “It’s Showtime”!

The fine folks at Shout Factory have put together this premo set, which you can order here!

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